Cost Inflation Index – F.Y.2018-19 CII Announced

3shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 3Google+ 0Twitter The notification no.26/2018 has published on 13th June 2018 to announce the cost inflation index for financial year 2018-19. The cost inflation index for financial year is 280. You can check the following table to know the cost inflation index from F.Y. 2001-02 to F.Y.2018-19. New Cost Inflation Index Table … Read more

Eway Bill for Supply to or From Special Economic Zone – Explained

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe Government of India has always maintained easy tax implications for Special Economic Zone (SEZ). In India, SEZ is a special zone where certain type of businesses enjoy tax benefits and less legal complications. As far as tax is concerned, SEZ are considered like foreign entities. This means whatever supply or … Read more

eWay Bill Movement of Goods by Hired/Own Vehicle or Transport Agency

1shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 1Google+ 0TwitterSince the launch of e-Way bill, every intra-state and inter-state transport of goods valued above ₹50, 000 is required to obtain an e-Way bill. Here we will discussed the rules behind various ways of delivery like Hired Vehicle, Own Vehicle and Transport Agency. We will cover all aspects like generation of … Read more

Tax Calendar F.Y.2018-19 – Due Dates GST & Income Tax June 2018

21shares 15Facebook WhatsApp 6Google+ 0TwitterTax Calendar 2018, Income Tax – GST Deadlines: Find all the income tax & GST due dates, last dates, deadlines for the period from 1-4-2018 to 31-3-2019 (F.Y.2018-19). The due dates includes all TDS Returns, TDS Statements, income tax returns, income tax payments & TDS certificates along with form name and … Read more

Multi Vehicle Option for eWay Bill – How to Use it?

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe eway bill portal has introduced a new option “Multi Vehicle Option for eWay Bill”. To better understand this option lets take one example. Example: A has generated eway bill for movement of goods to B. A’s location is Ludhiana – Punjab B’s Location is Solan – Himachal Pradesh. Now, A … Read more

How to Generate eWay Bill on Android Mobile?

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterYou can also generate eway bill by Android App/Android Mobile. You must have android mobile phone. This facility is not available on iPhone. You must register yourself on eway bill portal i.e.  to download android application. We will tell you step by step procedure to generate eway bill through android … Read more

How to Generate Consolidated E-Way bill?

1shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 1TwitterWe are all aware of the fact that e-Way bill has become mandatory for inter-state as well as intra state movement where the value of goods is equal to or more than ₹50, 000. However, the Government of India has given some relief to transporters when multiple goods are being transported … Read more

How to Generate e-Way bill on eWay Bill Portal? Step by Step Procedure

1shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 1Google+ 0Twittere-Way bills have become mandatory for intra-state (with-in state) and inter-state (out of state) transport of goods whose value is more than 50,000/-. So you need to generate eway bill on eway bill portal. The procedure to generate eway bill is very easy. Here is the step by step procedure to … Read more

How to Generate, Update and Cancel eWay Bill by SMS? Step by Step Procedure

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterYou can also generate eway bill by sending SMS. This facility is very useful for small tax payers, who may not have computer and internet. You can use this facility in emergency like in night, immediately movement of goods etc. You can do the following activities by eway bill SMS facility … Read more

Recent Updates on GST Portal

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterGiven below are updates on functionalities which were made available on GST Portal recently: (A) Registrations (i) Facility to apply for Revocation of cancellation of Registration has been enabled on GST Portal. This form will enable Tax payers whose registration has been cancelled via Suo-moto Cancellation process, to apply for revocation … Read more

When eWay Bill is Not Required? List of Goods & Cases

1shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 1Google+ 0TwitterAs you all know eway bill is required for inter state transactions w.e.f 1st April 2018 with-in state from 1st June 2018. But there are some cases when you don’t need to generate eway bill even the value of the goods above Rs.50,000/- whether the movement of goods within state or … Read more

eWay Bill on Job Work – All Confusion Cleared!

7shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 6Google+ 0TwitterWe are receiving queries regarding e-way bill generation in case of job work transactions. The clarification on job work transaction is as under. Eway Bill Applicability on Job Work For inter-state movement of goods, e-way bill is mandatory since 01.04.2018. For intra-state movement of goods within state, e-way bill has been … Read more

What is Non-Motorized Vehicle? No Need of eWayBill Sending by Non-Motroized Vehicle

2shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 1Google+ 0TwitterAccording to CGST rule 138(14) (b) no e-way bill is required to be generated for goods are being transported by a non-motorized conveyance. All motorized vehicles has registration number/vehicle number. In part B of eway bill there is column to enter vehicle number. The temporary number or any identifiable number filling … Read more

eWay Bill – Ewaybill Complete Guide Simplified

12shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 5Google+ 7TwitterPosition as of now of eWay bill Multivehicle updation for EWB is enabled Preview of EWB is enabled Personalised Dashboard is enabled From 1st June eWay bill shall be applicable on intra state movement of goods on some states. For Inter state movement e-Way bill is already applicable from 1st April … Read more

How to Register for eWay Bill under GST? Step by Step Procedure

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterAn eWay bill or way bill is simply a document having information of shipment of a movement of goods including sender name, receiver, place of sending, destination and route. The eWay bill can only be generated through (official website to generate ewaybill). So to generate eway bill you need to … Read more

12 Most Important Rules of eWay Bill Everyone Should Know in Hindi

1shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 1Google+ 0TwitterE-Way Bill से संबंधित मुख्य प्रावधान निम्नानुसार है :- #1 यदि माल की कीमत (टैक्स सहित) जिसे परिवहन किया जा रहा है 50,000/- से अधिक है तो अनिवार्य रूप से E-Way Bill लगाना होगा। #2 E-Way Bill माल के सभी प्रकार के आवागमन अर्थात बिक्री पर, जॉब वर्क, गोदाम से फैक्ट्री … Read more – Complete eWay Bill Portal Guidance

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ is the only official portal to generate eWay bill. This is the common eway bill portal where registered person and transporter can generate eway bill. There are two websites URL but having same functions. You can open any of the websites as given below. – Visit Here – … Read more

Section 80CCD Deduction of NPS Contribution – Complete Detail

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe Income Tax Department of India offers deduction to tax payers for making contributions towards National Pension Scheme (NPS). The deduction is availed under Section 80CCD and is available only to individuals. Entities such as a HUF cannot avail deduction under this section. Whereas, the individual tax payer may or may … Read more

TDS Rates Chart [F.Y.2018-19 A.Y.2019-20]

200shares 188Facebook WhatsApp 12Google+ 0TwitterDownload TDS Rates Chart (F.Y.2018-19 A.Y.2019-20) You can download TDS rates chart in excel and pdf format for Resident or Non-Resident payee. You can also check TDS rates without downloading these file from the tables given below. Download TDS Rates Chart (Resident Payee) PDF Format Download Download TDS Rates Chart (Resident … Read more

Income Tax Slab A.Y.2018-19

14shares 12Facebook WhatsApp 2Google+ 0TwitterThe page is exclusively for income tax slab for A.Y. 2018-19. You can also download income tax slabs in PDF format. Download Income Tax Slab A.Y. 2018-19 & A.Y.2017-18 Income Tax Slab (PDF Format) Download Income Tax Slab (Excel Format) Download Income Tax Slab A.Y. 2018-19 1) Income Tax Slab (Up … Read more