Explanatory Notes to the Provisions of the Finance Act 2017

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0Twitter CIRCULAR No. 2/2018 F. No. 370142/15/2017-TPL Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes ******* Dated, 15th of February, 2018 EXPLANATORY NOTES TO THE PROVISIONS OF THE FINANCE ACT, 2017 CIRCULAR INCOME-TAX ACT Finance Act, 2017 ─ Explanatory Notes to the Provisions of the … Read more

Union Budget 2018 – Budget 2018 Analysis in a Very Simple Way

budget analysis 2018 key indicators

1shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterYou can check here the complete analysis of Union Budget 2018 in a very simple language along with highlights. You can also download the complete PDF of Union Budget 2018 analysis from here. Download Complete Union Budget 2018 Analysis – PDF Format ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE: 2017-18 State of Indian Economy After registering … Read more

Income Tax Highlights in Union Budget 2018

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterUnion Budget 2018 Highlights Related to Income Tax Long Term Capital Gains on listed securities i.e. Gain on shares or Mutual Funds held for more than one year was earlier exempt from Income Tax. Now for gain above Rs.1 Lakhs ,tax @ 10% without any indexation benefit has been levied. However … Read more

Complete Highlights of the Budget 2018

3shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 2Google+ 0TwitterThe Budget for 2018 was presented on 1 February 2018 in the Parliament by the Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley. This was the fifth and the last budget of the current Government. Upcoming elections, impact of demonetization and economic growth has been the primary concern of the citizens. So, without … Read more

Download Union Budget 2018-19 PDF – Finance Bill 2018

3shares 2Facebook WhatsApp 1Google+ 0TwitterAs you all know the Union Budget 2018-19 has been presented by Sh. Arun Jaitely on 1st February 2018. Here you can download the complete official document of Union Budget 2018-19 in PDF format along with other official documents. Here is the complete list of official documents related to Union Budget … Read more

How Going Digitally Can Save Tax for Small Traders?

How Going Digitally Can Save Tax for Small Traders?

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterIn Budget 2017, there was a major change in the way of doing transactions. There are many changes which are taken to promote the digital transactions. Here is the one of it!! Existing Provision Earlier under section 44AD of the income tax act,1961 the businessman having turnover up to Rs.2 crore … Read more

8 Changes in Budget 2017 that Became Law from April 2017

1shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe budget 2017 comes with many changes which will affect the economy as a whole as well as the individuals. The budget 2017 aims at reducing the cash transactions and promoting cashless economy. The tax proposals in budget 2017 have now became laws as per the income tax act. Now everyone … Read more

Download Budget 2017 – Highlights, Speech and More

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterHere is the complete list of Budget 2017 official important documents. You can download for better understanding of budget 2017. Budget Documents Links Finance Bill Download Speech Download Budget at a Glance Download Key Features Download Key Highlights Download Memorandum Download Outlay of Major Schemes Download Debt and Deficit Statistics Download … Read more

Direct Tax Proposals in Budget 2017 with Existing & Proposed Provisions

1shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterHere you can get complete proposals regarding direct taxes in Budget 2017. We are giving here existing provisions and proposed provision in Budget 2017 for better understanding. You can also check key highlights of budget 2017 here. You can also download entire article in PDF format from here. Rates of Income … Read more

Check Key Highlights of Union Budget 2017

7shares 7Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterBudget 2017- Highlights: Here is the key highlights of Union Budget 2017 presented today (1-2-2017) by honourable finanance Minister (Arun Jaitley). India stands out as a bright spot Focus on energizing youth to gain benefits of growth. IMF estimates growth of 3.4% in world GDP by 2017 India has witnessed historic … Read more

Excise Duty Changes in Budget 2016-17

4shares 3Facebook WhatsApp 1Google+ 0TwitterThe Budget 2016-17 marked the development of numerous changes within the existing rate of Excise duty. There were some areas where the existing rate of excise duty was lowered and then there were some areas where the existing rate of excise duty was increased. Additionally, there were also some section which … Read more

15 Big Announcement in Budget 2016-17

Union Budget 2016-17

17shares 17Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe Budget 2016-17 was announced in the Lok Sabha on February 29 2016. The presenter of the budget was the Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley. Some of the biggest announcements which were made during his speech are as follows:  1) The Tax Slab Remains Unchanged The common man felt relieved … Read more

Budget 2016-17 Highlights – Related to All Sectors

1shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe Budget 2016-17 of India was presented on February 29 2016 by the Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley, in the Lok Sabha. This year, the budget was focused on offering widescale development and included contributions in the sector of Agriculture, Infrastructure development, loan facilitation and promoting entrepreneurship. Some of the … Read more

Budget 2016-17: All Related to Taxation

4shares 4Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe Budget 2016-17 had a mixed impact on the taxation. There are certain areas which has remained unaltered, like tax on income, etc., and then there were areas where changes were felt, like alteration in the rate of service tax. To sum up the whole budget from the perspective of taxation, … Read more

 15 Big Things of Railway Budget 2016-17

1shares 1Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterOn February 25 2016, the Railway Minister of India, Suresh Prabhu presented the Railway Budget for the year 2016-17. During the presentation, there were several surprises as well as expected outcomes which has made the scenario interesting. Here are the top 15 things that you must be aware of in the … Read more

Budget 2015: 10 Things Taxpayers are Going to be Happy About

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterFinance Minister Arun Jaitley concluded his budget by stating a mantra inspired from Upanishad, which meant everyone to be happy. In this article we will try to understand and decode the budget impact for the common man and the implication of the tax increase/ decrease on the common man and also … Read more

Budget 2015: Decoding What Become Costlier and What becomes Cheaper

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe financial budget as presented by the FM Arun Jaitley, got mixed response from experts, industrialists as well as the common man. While the financial budget promised opportunities wherein citizens will be able to purchase commodities at a lesser rate, there are commodities for which consumers will have to pay more. … Read more

Financial Budget 2015 Highlights: The Good, Bad and Ugly

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterThe financial budget as introduced by the FM focused on high growth. Also, FM indicated in the budget that the reduction in fiscal deficit will slow down and investment will be boosted. This will ensure that the ordinary citizens benefit from the Financial Budget 2015. Some of the crucial highlights from the … Read more

10 Things You Must Know Announced in Budget 2015

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0Twitter The entire nation watched as the FM announced 2015-16 Union Budget. While industrialists, financial experts and economists have deemed the budget as favourable for growth and fiscal policy others have commented in a more negative fashion, majorly due to the increase in various taxation issues. The current article will take … Read more