Tax Calendar F.Y.2018-19 – Due Dates GST & Income Tax June 2018

21shares 15Facebook WhatsApp 6Google+ 0Twitter Tax Calendar 2018, Income Tax – GST Deadlines: Find all the income tax & GST due dates, last dates, deadlines for the period from 1-4-2018 to 31-3-2019 (F.Y.2018-19). The due dates includes all TDS Returns, TDS Statements, income tax returns, income tax payments & TDS certificates along with form name … Read more

TDS Returns and Payment Due Dates F.Y.2018-19

6shares 6Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterEvery person who are responsible to deduct TDS or Collecting TCS shall furnish a quarterly statement/return and deposit TDS for the period ending on 30th June, 30th September, 31st December and 31st March of each financial year. This TDS Calendar due dates chart  (F.Y. 2017-18) or (A.Y.2018-19) will help you to … Read more

Advance Tax Due Dates F.Y.2017-18

2shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 2Google+ 0TwitterAdvance Tax is pre paid tax by the assessee on the income earned during the year. In simple words, you can say that assessee have to paid taxes in advance on the estimate income during the year in installment for individual assessee, companies and corporate assessees. For example, for financial year … Read more

Service Tax Payment Due Dates & Penal Interest

0shares 0Facebook WhatsApp 0Google+ 0TwitterService Tax is a form of tax which is paid by a service provider to the central government. As per the published rules, service providers are liable to pay service tax to the Central Government in regular intervals. In certain cases, this interval is monthly and in some cases this interval … Read more