Complete Guide to Generate e-Way Bill Online

Recently, the Government of India has introduced an electronic form of Way bill known as the e-Way bill. The bill is mandatory for inter-state transport of goods where the value is more than ₹50,000. The bill has already been rolled out by the Government on a trial basis from 16 January 2018.

However, with this introduction many businesses are finding it difficult to generate EBN (e-Way Bill Number) as there is lack of awareness. Today we would be discussing on how to generate e-Way bill online. Any person who has basic knowledge of the internet can generate EBN, but prior to that the person must be having the following in his/her hand:

  • Registered account on the official website of e-Way bill –
  • Invoice/ Bill/ Challan number of the consignment.
  • Vehicle number through which the transport is being made or Transporter ID (for road only)
  • Transporter ID, incase of transport is being made by air, ship or rail.

Once the above-mentioned are ready, the person needs to follow the given steps:

  1. Visit the official website for e-Way bill generation: The foremost thing is to visit the official website, which is,
  2. Upon visiting the website, the person would be required to login to their registered account by giving their username, password and captcha.
  3. After logging in, click on e-Way bill and then select “Generate New”.
  4. Fill up the form. Select the role from Outward or Inward. If the consignment is being sent as a supplier, then select “Outward” and if the consignment is being transported as a recipient then “Inward” must be selected. It is also important to select “Document Type”. Options such as Invoice/ Bill/ Challan, etc., are available.
  5. Areas such as the description of the goods being transported, transporter ID, etc., are mandatory. Once these data have been inserted, the user needs to click on “Submit”. The system will automatically highlight the areas where there are validation errors.
  6. If there are no validation errors, then an e-Way will be generated. The unique number will be generated in Form EWB-01 and will be of 12 digits.

How to print out e-Way bill online?

If the user wishes to have a print out of the e-Way bill, then the person needs to select “Print EWB” option from e-Way bill tab. Upon clicking on the option, a new page will open up where the obtained 12-digit unique number would be inserted. As soon as “Go” is clicked, a new page with the respective e-Way bill will open along with the print option. Simply click on “Print” option to have the print.

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