Download Android App for Quick Tax Ready Reckoner A.Y.2017-18

We have launched android app name as “Quick Tax Ready Reckoner“. The app is especially made for layman and tax professionals. Tax professional can get benefit of this app as you just install the app and quick scroll you desired tax chart for anytime reference.

Income Tax Ready Reckoner Android AppFeatures of “Quick Tax Ready Reckoner” Android App

  1. It includes all important tax charts with latest amendments.
  2. It has total 19 tax charts for A.Y. 2017-18.
  3. We updates app regularly whenever there is any amendments.

The following charts includes in the app. 

  1. Income Tax Rates (Individuals)
  2. Income Tax Rates (Companies)
  3. Income Tax Rates (Co-Ope)
  4. Capital Gains Tax Rates
  5. Cost Inflation Index
  6. Security Transaction Tax Rates
  7. Dividend Distribution Tax
  8. Penalties (Income Tax)
  9. Penal Interest Income Tax
  10. TDS Rates (Residents)
  11. TDS Rates (NRI)
  12. TCS Rates
  13. Advance Tax payment
  14. Audit Requirement
  15. Carry Forward Losses
  16. Partner Remuneration
  17. Due Dates
  18. Depreciation Chart
  19. TDS Due Dates
  20. More coming soon…

Income Tax Ready Reckoner Android App

You can only download its android version. IOS version is not ready yet. Please tell if you need IOS version. We will launch it soon. Please comment if you need its IOS version and any other tax chart or feature you want in it.

Please don’t forget to give 5 star review if you really like it. It will encourage us to provide you more detail in time.

Thanks Team


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  1. Good to hear sir. But a person like me, not using any apps mobile, will not be benefited. Is it a free sw. If so, this can be released as general to save it in the system. If it is chargable, please leave it. Thanks for sending the same to my mail id.

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