GST Council proposes lower GST rate on Amusement park admission and ballet – Revised rate to be 18%

CBEC, through a Press Release, has confirmed that the GST Council has recommended reducing the rate of GST on amusement park admission. The existing rate of admission is 28% and the same should be revised to 18%.

In a meeting held on 18 January 2018, the GST Council made the recommendation keeping in mind that amusement parks promote social wellness. The term ‘Amusement Park’ in the present context will include water parks, merry-go-rounds, theme parks, go-carting along with ballet. Recommendation came after the council received several requests from quarters indicating the hindrance caused by the increased rate of GST.

Another notification would be released from the department on 25 January 2018, where the recommendations would be given effect. Once passed, GST on admission to amusement parks, including water park, theme park, merry-go-round, etc., would be charged @ 18% instead of 28%.

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