NSC Accrued Interest Chart: Calculate NSC Interest Instantly

The following chart will help you to calculate NSC interest instantly. You can use the following NSC accrued interest chart as a calculator.

On certificates issued upto 31.3.2016 interest shall be compound half-yearly. The amount of interest accruing on a certificate of Rs. 100 shall be as follow:

nsc interest accured chart part 1The following table will enable an assesse to calculate the accrued interest for all the years instantly.

NSC’s VIII Issue Interest Accrual Table Chart

nsc interest accured chartThe amount of interest accruing on certificates of other denominations shall be proportionate to the amount specified above.

Post Maturity Interest: Where on maturity, the amount has become due but not paid, it shall carry interest from the date of maturity up to the date of repayment at the prevailing POSB A/c rate.

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21 thoughts on “NSC Accrued Interest Chart: Calculate NSC Interest Instantly

  1. I have purchased 5 year NSC certificate on 26.03.2017.The maturity value given is on the certificate but I want the accrued interest portion year wise break up for the purpose of tax calculation for the AY 2018/19.

  2. I have purchased NSC certificate 5 years for RS.72000.00 on 15.03.2017.The maturity value given is Rs.105792.00.I want the accrued interest portion year wise break up for the purpose of tax calculation for the AY 2018/19.

  3. nsc 5 years interest chart purchased on january 2018
    kvp 9 years 10 months premature chart purchased on january 2018

  4. Since the post office pays interest only on the date of maturity of the NSC can we include the entire iñterest paid on the maturity date in our income tax return and pay tax. Is it allowed by IT rules. Please clarify.

  5. S.DAS 07.11.2017.

    I have purchased from my retirement benefit on 6.2.2017 , 5 nos of NSC VIII issue @ Rs.1.00 lac each. Prevailing interest rate was 7.90% at that time. Interest earned from NSC is taxable in the hands of I.T assessee. I now want to know the three methods to calculate my accrued interest to declare my interest income from 17-18 onwards as well as deduction under Sec.80C. Also please let me know is it required to strict only one principal method of calculation for all the NSC purchase on 6.2.17 as mentioned above or may take separate method of int calculation for each purchase during the entire period of investment

  6. I have purchased NSC VIII Issue on 17-04-2017 and 20-04-2017(5Years) respectively.

    Will you please let me know the TABLE for VIII Issue Accrual Interest CHART(RS.100 Denomination).Date of Maturity is 17-04-2022 & 20-04-2022.

    Prevailing Intt. rate was 7.9% at that time.I wish to know Accr. Intt in 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and 5th year.

  7. Please intimate what will be the interest accrued during the year of NSC invested during FY 2016-17 which will have rebate under Sec-88. Alternately, what will be the accrued interest during each FY subsequently so that amount of interest can be re-invested under Sec-80C.

  8. Nsc Issued By Post Office Dt.13-05-2014 For The Period 10Year What Is Interest Earned Per Year

  9. Hello Sir,
    I have a query regarding maturity amount of my NSCs. I had purchased 5 numbers of 6 years of NSCs(8th issue) for principal amount of 5000 each from post office, punjab. I had paid Rs 25,000 in total. On each certificate it is printed that Rs. 10,075 against Rs.5,000 willbe given at the time of maturity. But at the time of maturity 30.10.2016, I recieved a cheque of 40,025 rupees only instead of 50,375 (as per printed) on the certificates. Please tell me if it is wrongly calculated or not?

    • The amount you got looks correct to me. May be they issued certificates from an older lot when the interest rates were high.

  10. My NSC no. 3415277944 of Rs.25,000,dated 2-11-2016. Got pass book only, not mentioning maturity date and amount.

  11. sir,/madam,
    is there any chart to calculate interest for sukanya samruddhi scheme. if yes, please send it.

  12. Purchased 2 nos.(each for Rs.5ooo) 5years NSC (VIII issue) one on 30.1.14 (Yr.of purchase 2013-2014)second on 14.1.15 (Yr.of purchase 2014-2015) -Matured amount of each NSC is Rs.7581/-(The Principal amount of Rs. 5000 + Interest amount of Rs. 2581)
    Pl. advise which table is applicable for calculation of accrued interest yearwise for the above NSC

  13. Hi,

    I have query related to NSC. I purchased NSC’s regularly since 2011. I just came to know from someone that the accrued interest can be used for tax benefits too.

    I searched over the net and got affirmative responses. Now the question is Can I take benefits for previous years too. that were not claimed …:-)

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