What is Swachh Bharat cess & How it Affects You?

Everyone is India is well aware of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which is launched by the current Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. This initiative looks forward to make India cleaner and more hygienic. What is Swachh Bharat cess? Recently, the Government of India has confirmed that it will be imposing a new cess … Read more

5 Simple Steps to Get Service Tax Registration Online

As directed by the Indian Government, people who are employed as service providers are now required to apply for Service Tax Registration if their annual service amount received is equivalent to or more than INR 9, 00, 000 per annum. People whose annual service amount received is less than INR 9, 00, 000 may choose … Read more

Service Tax Payment Due Dates & Penal Interest

Service Tax is a form of tax which is paid by a service provider to the central government. As per the published rules, service providers are liable to pay service tax to the Central Government in regular intervals. In certain cases, this interval is monthly and in some cases this interval is quarterly. However, failure … Read more

How to Deposit Service Tax Online or Offline?

The Government has made numerous efforts to simplify the procedure of payment of service tax. Today, a tax payer has two options to pay his service tax, namely, physical payment and online service tax payment. However, with effect from January 1 2014, it has become mandatory for entities to pay Service Tax Online if their … Read more

New Service Tax Rate & Provisions After 1-6-2015

The service tax in India has now been raised to 14% with effect from 1st June 2015. This increase was previously proposed in the ‘Make in India’ Budget 2015-16. The existing rate is inclusive of both Education Cess and Second Higher Education Cess. Understanding Service Tax Service Tax is a form of taxation which is … Read more

How to Invoice Service Tax Before & After 1st June, 2015?

In the Budget 2015, it was declared the new applicable rate of Service Tax would be 14%. The new rate will replace the old rate of 12.36%, however, the effective date for the application of new Service Tax was not disclosed at that time. Eventually, on May 19 2015, the Ministry of Finance declared that … Read more