GST Payment Procedure Online and Offline

There are following ways to make payment of GST.

  • Internet Banking – No Limit
  • Credit Card/Debit Card – No Limit
  • NEFT/RTGS – No limit
  • Over the Counter – Rs. 10,000/- per challan per tax period

When to Pay GST?

If you are registered dealer under GST then you must pay GST monthly.  GST will be calculated after adjust input tax credit against output tax liability.

For Example: During the month of August 2017. You have the following:

Input Tax Credit – Rs.50,000/-

Output Tax Credit: Rs. 70,000/-

Your GST liability will be Rs. 20,000/-

So you must pay Rs.20,000 on or before of 20th September 2017.

The person who are registered under Composition Scheme must pay GST within 18 days after the end of the quarter.

Know more about Composition Scheme here

How to pay GST Online?

  • You can pay GST online by using debit card, credit card or net banking.
  • If your GST tax liability over Rs.10,000 then you must pay it online. No bank will accept GST liability over Rs.10,000.
  • You can pay GST online only by opening
  • When you have paid GST liability, it will reflect in Electronic Cash Ledger. (Know more about electronic cash ledger here)
  • The balance of electronic cash ledger can be adjusted with output tax liability.

Procedure to pay GST online by Net Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Login with ID and password.

Step 3. Click on service section from above menu.


Step 4: Click on create Challan.

create challan for gst payment

Step 5: Fill payment as per CGST, SGST, IGST or any penalty and fees.

fill payment columns

Step 6: Click on e-payment after that it will redirect to choose option for net banking, debit card and credit card.

payment and generate challan for gst payment

Step 7: Done, After some time the payment will reflect in your electronic cash ledger.

Procedure to pay GST online by NEFT or RTGS

Step 1 to Step 5 are same as given above.

Step 6: After that click on NEFT or RTGS then select your bank from which you are going to done NEFT or RTGS.

Step 7: Click on generate Challan. It will show you the bank account information of GST where you have to do NEFT or RTGS. The GST Portal will not allow any cash payments for tax payments under GST (under the RTGS/NEFT mode).

Step 8: Done, After some time the payment will reflect in your electronic cash ledger.

There will be an important disclaimer across the copy of challan. This disclaimer indicates that the transaction should be between taxpayers and their authorized banks only. Then only the payment shall be considered as received by the GST portal and by the government.

How to pay GST offline?

You can pay GST over the counter of bank. You should follow the following step to pay GST offline in the banks.

Generate Challan from GST common portal as specify steps given from step 1 to step 5.

Step 6: Click on  over the counter and generate the challan. The generated challan will contain a unique CPIN (Common Portal Identification Number) code.

Once the challan is successfully generated, it is available across the taxpayer’s account dashboard. It can be printed or downloaded. Thus the taxpayer will be able to either print the challan offline or download it directly from the portal.

Step 7: Print the two copies of Challan and bring the copies of Challan and visit the bank counter.

Step 8: You can make payment by cash/Cheque/DD.

Step 9: Done, the payment will reflect in your electronic cash ledger after some time. (may be 1 or 2 days)

Interest and Penalty on Late GST Payment

If there is any delay to pay GST then you must pay 18% penal interest annually. The due dates has given above to calculate interest.

If payment is not made for a period exceeding 3 months then there is a penalty of Rs. 10,000 or 10% of tax short paid or unpaid whichever is higher.

If there is any fraud for not paying tax then in such cases the penalty is Rs.10,000 or 100% of tax short paid or unpaid, whichever is higher.

List of Authorized Banks for Net Banking and Over the Counters Payment of GST

  1. Allahabad Bank
  2. Andhra Bank
  3. Bank of Baroda
  4. Dena Bank
  5. Bank of India
  6. Central Bank of India
  7. Canara Bank
  8. Corporation Bank
  9. HDFC Bank
  10. IDBI Bank
  11. ICICI Bank
  12. Indian Bank
  13. Indian Overseas Bank
  14. Bank of Maharashtra
  15. Oriental Bank of Commerce
  16. J & K Bank
  17. Punjab and Sind Bank
  18. Punjab National Bank
  19. State Bank of India
  20. Syndicate Bank
  21. Union Bank of India
  22. Uco Bank
  23. United Bank of India
  24. Axis Bank
  25. Vijaya Bank

List of Authorized Bank for GST Payment through Debit Card or Credit Card

  • Axis Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • State Bank of India

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