TDS Returns and Payment Due Dates F.Y.2017-18

Every person who are responsible to deduct TDS or Collecting TCS shall furnish a quarterly statement/return and deposit TDS for the period ending on 30th June, 30th September, 31st December and 31st March of each financial year.

This TDS Calendar due dates chart  (F.Y. 2017-18) or (A.Y.2018-19) will help you to file your TDS return and payment in time.

Here is the complete detail about TDS returns/statement due dates and deposit TDS due dates.

TDS Returns/Statements Due Dates (F.Y.2017-18/A.Y. 2018-19)

Quarter Ending Due Date
30th June 2017 31st July 2017
30th September 2017 31st October 2017
31st December 2017 31st January 2018
31st March 2018 31st May 2018

TDS Payment Due Dates (F.Y.2017-18/A.Y.2018-19)

Month Ending Due Date
April 2017 7th May 2017
May 2017 7th June 2017
June 2017 7th July 2017
July 2017 7th August 2017
August 2017 7th September 2017
September 2017 7th October 2017
October 2017 7th November 2017
November 2017 7th December 2017
December 2017 7th January 2018
January 2018 7th February 2018
February 2018 7th March 2018
March 2018 30th April 2018 (for other deductors)

7th April 2018 (for Govt Deductors)

TDS Certificate Issuance Due Dates


TDS certificate i.e. form 16A for each quarter is to be issued within 15 days from the due date for furnishing the statement/returns of TDS. i.e 15th August, 15th November, 15th February, 15th June.

In the case of TDS on salary, From No.16 and 12BA (wherever applicable) will will be issued by 31st May.

In the case of TDS on Transfer of immovable property other than rural agricultural land u/s 194IA, Form No.16B within 15 days from the due date of furnishing the Challan cum Statement in Form No.26QB.

Quarter Ended Due Date
30th June 2017 15th August 2017
30th September 2017 15th November 2017
31st December 2017 15th February 2018
31st March 2018 15th June 2018

You should deposit TDS or file TDS return on time as specified above otherwise late filing of returns and deposit of TDS attract late filling fees, interest and penalty.

Penalty for Late Filing of Returns/Statement

You have to pay Rs.200 per day of delaying TDS returns/Statement under section 234E. For Example: If penalty/fee is Rs. 3000 but TDS is Rs. 2000 then you have to pay Rs.2000.

For more detail about Penalty for late and non filing of TDS Return visit here

Interest on Late Payment or Non Deduction of TDS

The following provision for latest payment of deposit TDS or deduct TDS comes under section 201A.

Fail to deduct TDS 1% per month from the date of tax liable to deduct to the date tax actually deducted
Fails to deposit TDS 1.5% per month from the date of deduction to the date of actual payment

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