Which ITR Form to File for A.Y.2018-19?

Which ITR Form to File for A.Y. 2018-19 Calculator

You come at right place if you have confusion over which ITR form to file, which ITR form to fill and which ITR form to use while filing income tax return. We are giving here a form where you have to click your applicable income. It will let you know your applicable ITR form. There are 7 income tax return forms ITR-1 to ITR-7 with acknowledgement. So it is not an easy task for asseesee to know which ITR form to file. Here we’ll try to give answers all of your questions related to income tax return form i.e. which form I will use to file my income tax return? Should I file income tax return online or off-line? You must note that we’ll discuss here all the provision related to Income tax return forms for A.Y.2018-19.

Which ITR Form to File for A.Y. 2018-19 Image

which itr form to file 2019-19

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  1. I am having one house on Rent and in another one I live being self occupied the income is treated as NIL Ofcourse I have pension and interest from FDs. Please guide me which ITR to use ITR1 or ITR2. Thanks in advance

  2. sir i am e filling incomtax return verification form 2013-14 on 04 aug 2014 but till date not return my money.pl help me.

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