4 Most Asking Questions on E-filling of Income Tax Return


Q.1) Can revised return be filed with a different Form no. than original return form?

A person can revise his return of income under section 139(5) with correct applicable ITR Form, if he has not furnished return of income with correct ITR Form under section 139(1) in pursuance of notice issued under section 142(1).

Q.2) What are the modes of verify Income Tax Forms?

You can download all Income tax forms in PDF format here.

S.No.Form NameMode of Verification 
(EVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP)
1.Form 3CA 3CDDSC
2.Form 3CB 3CDDSC
3.Form 3CEBDSC
4.Form 29BDSC
5.Form 56FDSC
6.Form 6BDSC
7.Form 10EVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
8.Form 10AEVC/DSC
9.Form 10BDSC
10.Form 10BBDSC
11.Form 10CCBDSC
12.Form 10CCBBADSC
13.Form 10CCBCDSC
14.Form 10CCBDDSC
15.Form 10CCCDSC
16.Form 10CCFDSC
17.Form 10DADSC
18.Form 64DSC
19.Form 66DSC
20.Form 3ACDSC
21.Form 3ADDSC
22.Form 3AEDSC
23.Form 3CEDSC
24.Form 3CEADSC
25.Form 3CLDSC
26.Form 15G (Consolidated)DSC
27.Form 15H (Consolidated)DSC
28.Form 24QEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
29.Form 26QEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
30.Form 27EQEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
31.Form 27QEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
32.Form 35EVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
33.Form BADSC
35.Form 15CBDSC
36.Form 49CDSC
37.Form 64ADSC
38.Form 6DSC
39.Form 64DDSC
40.Form 15CCDSC
41.Form 9AEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
42.Form 1- IDSEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
43.Form 3- IDSEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
44.Form 3CEJDSC
45.Form 3CEKDSC
46.Form 3CLADSC
47.Form 1- PMGKYEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
48.Form V- PMGK Deposit reportingDSC
49.Form 49DDSC
50.Form 1- Equalization LevyEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
51.Form 3- Equalization LevyEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
52.Form 26ADSC
53.Form 27BADSC
54.Form 26A-AnnexureDSC
55.Form 27BA-AnnexureDSC
56.Form 3CFAEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
57.Form 10IBEVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
58.Form 29CDSC
59.Form 64EDSC
60.Form 67EVC/DSC/Aadhaar OTP
61.Form 3CEAADSC
62.Form 3CEABDSC
63.Form 3CEACDSC
64.Form 3CEADDSC
65.Form 3CEAEDSC

Q.3) What are the consequences of late filing of income tax return of A.Y 2018-19?

Return of income which is filed after the specified time period prescribed under section section 139(1) is called belated return. Belated return of income is furnished under 139(4).

From A.Y 2018-19 and onwards , a belated return attracts late filing fees under section 234F.

As per section 234F, late filing fees of Rs.5,000 shall be payable if return is furnished after specified time period prescribed under 139(1), but on or before 31st December of the assessment year. In other cases, late filing fees of Rs. 10,000 is payable. However, amount of late filing fees to be paid cannot exceed Rs.1,000, if the total income of the person does not exceed Rs.5 lakhs.

Q.4) How to verify ITR-V?

E verification of ITR can be done through various modes by login at www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in . Various modes of e-verification are as follows:

  • E-verification using e-filing OTP ( whose total income is less than 5 lakh and no refund is due)
  • E-verification using net banking, demat account or bank account
  • E-verification using Aadhaar OTP

Enter the OTP received and then click submit to e-verify the ITR .



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