CBIC Update CGST Rules 2017 Amended upto 28-06-2019 – Download PDFs Here

Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC) has published CGST Rules as amended up to 28-06-2019. You can download PDFs in two parts i.e. Part A (include all rules) and Part B (include all forms). The updated version of the Rules (as amended upto 28th June, 2019) has been prepared for convenience and easy reference of the trade and industry and has no legal binding or force. Notifications as published in the official Gazette of the Government of India only have the force of law.

Download CGST Rules Part A (Amended upto 28-06-2019) – Download PDF Here

Download CGST Rules Part B (Amended upto 28-06-2019) – Download PDF Here

CGST Rules Part- A – Content

Chapter IPreliminary
Chapter IIComposition Rules
Chapter IIIRegistration Rules
Chapter IVDetermination of Value of Supply Rules
Chapter VInput Tax Credit Rules
Chapter VITax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes Rules
Chapter VIIAccounts and Records Rules
Chapter VIIIReturns Rules
Chapter IXPayment of Tax Rules
Chapter XRefund Rules
Chapter XIAssessment and Audit Rules
Chapter XIIAdvance Ruling Rules
Chapter XIIIAppeals and Revision Rules
Chapter XIVTransitional Provisions Rules
Chapter XVAnti-Profiteering Rules
Chapter XVIE-way Rules & Forms
Chapter XVIIInspection, Search and Seizure Rules
Chapter XVIIIDemands and Recovery Rules
Chapter XIXOffences and Penalties Rules
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