Circular No. 02/2019 Dt. 08-01-2019

Customs: Customs Post Clearance Audit – Custom Circular No.2/2019

Circular No. 01/2019 Dt. 02-01-2019

Customs: IGST Export Refunds Resolution of Errors – Custom Circular No.1/2019

Circular No. 53/2018 Dt. 28-12-2018

Circular: Procedure to be followed in cases of manufacturing or other operations undertaken in bonded warehouses

Circular No. 52/2018 Dt. 12-12-2018

Circular: Revised All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback

Circular No. 51/2018 Dt. 07-12-2018

Circular: AEO programme digitization – Ease of doing business – Development of web-based application for AEO-T1

Circular No. 50/2018 Dt. 06-12-2018

Circular: Clarification with respect to amendments to Customs and Central Excise notifications for EOUs

Circular No. 49/2018 Dt. 03-12-2018

Circular: Procedure for disposal of un-claimed/un-cleared cargo

Circular No. 48/2018 Dt. 03-12-2018

Circular: Procedure for movement of goods under TIR Carnets

Circular No. 47/2018 Dt. 27-11-2018

Circular: Corrigendum to Circular 44/2018-Customs dated 13.11.2018 issued vide F.No. 450/148/2015-Cus IV– reg.

Circular No. 46/2018 Dt. 27-11-2018

Circular: Custom Circular No.46/2018 – Advisory on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

Circular No. 45/2018 Dt. 19-11-2018

Circular: Seeks to issue Clarification for re-imports through Post Notification No.45/17 Customs

Circular No. 44/2018 Dt. 13-11-2018

Circular: Implementation of PGA eSANCHIT – Paperless Processing under SWIFT

Circular No. 43/2018 Dt. 08-11-2018

Circular: Implementation of Paperless Processing under SWIFT-Uploading of Supporting Documents( eSANCHIT) in Exports

Circular No. 42/2018 Dt. 02-11-2018

Circular: Transhipment of Export Cargo from Bangladesh through LCSs to Kolkata Port in containers

Circular No. 41/2018 Dt. 30-10-2018

Circular: Electronic sealing-deposit in and removal of goods from Customs Bonded warehouse

Circular No. 40/2018 Dt. 24-10-2018

Circular: IGST Export Refunds – Extension in SB005 Alternate Mechanism and Revised Processing

Circular No. 39/2018 Dt. 23-10-2018

Circular: Electronic sealing – Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs bonded Warehouses, clarification

Circular No. 38/2018 Dt. 18-10-2018

Circular: Customs Circulars 38/2018 Dated 18-10-2018 Related to Bonded Warehouses

Circular No. 37/2018 Dt. 09-10-2018

Circular: Cases where IGST refund have not been granted due to higher rate of drawback

Circular No. 36/2018 Dt. 05-10-2018

Circular: Grant of reward to informers and Government servants