Circular No. 50/2019 Dt. 18-03-2019

DGFT: Online filing and processing of applications for export of Restricted items (Non-SCOMET) at DGFT HQ – Trade Notice 50/2018-19

Circular No. 49/2015-20 Dt. 15-03-2019

DGFT: Online facility for obtaining import license for ‘Restricted’ items from 18th March, 2019 – Trade Notice No.49/2015-2020

Circular No. 48/2015-20 Dt. 13-03-2019

DGFT: Consideration of application for grant of authorization for import of gold dore

Circular No. 21/2015-20 Dt. 11-03-2019

DGFT: Discontinuation of physical copy of Advanced/EPCG Authorisation – Procurement from SEZs

Circular No. 20/2015-2020 Dt. 22-02-2019

DGFT: Clarification on eligibility of Exports made from SEZ/EOU

Circular No. 19/2015-2020 Dt. 14-02-2019

DGFT: DGFT discontinues physical copy of Advance /EPCG Authorizations issued from March 01, 2019 onwards for EDI ports

Circular No. 91/2019 Dt. 18-02-2019

CGST Circular: CBIC clarifies about tax payment made for supply of warehoused goods

Circular No. 90/2019 Dt. 18-02-2019

CGST Circular: CBIC clarifies detail of compliance with Rule 46(n) of CGST Rules

Circular No. 89/2019 Dt. 18-02-2019

CGST Circular: CBIC Clarifies about entering Inter-State supplies in GSTR-3B & GSTR-1

Circular No. 47/2015-2020 Dt. 11-02-2019

DGFT: Online Module for Filing & Tracking Quality Complaints or Trade Disputes relating to International Trade

Circular No. 01/2019 Dt. 08-02-2019

DGFT: Uploading of Adjudication & Appellate Orders on the DGFT website

Circular No. 46/2018-19 Dt. 06-02-2019

DGFT: Activation of ANF 3D under the E-com module for applying for MEIS – Trade Notice 46/2018-19

Circular No. 45/2018-19 Dt. 01-02-2019

DGFT: Interest Equalisation Scheme (IES) for pre and post Shipment Rupee Export Credit and its expansion

Circular No. 18/2015-20 Dt. 31-01-2019

DGFT: Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of Para 5.19 of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20

Circular No. 44/2018-19 Dt. 31-01-2019

DGFT: DGFT regulates export of bio fuels from EOU/SEZ for non-fuel purposes

Circular No. 43/2018-19 Dt. 30-01-2019

DGFT: Application in ANF -2D submitted for seeking policy procedure relaxation in teams of para 2.58 of the FTP

Circular No. 17/2015-2020 Dt. 14-01-2019

DGFT: Additional extension of six months in the Export Obligation Period (EOP)

Circular No. 42/2015-2020 Dt. 11-01-2019

DGFT: Mandatory recording of information on DGFT website about transfer of MEIS/SEIS Scrips

Circular No. 16/2015-2020 Dt. 09-01-2019

DGFT: Guidelines to RAs for following SOP for EODC monitoring of both Advance as well as EPCG

Circular No. 41/2018-19 Dt. 04-01-2019

DGFT: Rationalization of procedures in handling EODC requests under Advance