Circular No. 33/2018 Dt. 20-09-2018

DGFT: Activation of E com Module for SEIS based on ANF 3B

Circular No. Trade Notice No. 32/2018-19 Dt. 14-09-2018

DGFT: Charging of Fees for REX Registration – DGFT

Circular No. Trade Notice No. 31/2018-19 Dt. 13-09-2018

DGFT: To do list for SCOMET Policy/Procedure – DGFT

Circular No. Trade Notice No. 30/2018-19 Dt. 11-09-2018

DGFT: Guidelines to apply for MEIS under the System Driven approval mechanism for MEIS applications for shipping bills from EDI ports

Circular No. Trade Notice No. 29/2018-19 Dt. 30-08-2018

DGFT: DGFT as Authenticating Officer on behalf of the President of India

Circular No. Trade Notice No. 28/2018-19 Dt. 29-08-2018

DGFT: New E-Com module for SEIS, ANF 3B to be available from 20.09.2018 for application

Circular No. Trade Notice No.27/2018-19 Dt. 28-08-2018

DGFT: Acceptance of new format for IEC

Circular No. Trade Notice No.26/2018-19 Dt. 27-08-2018

DGFT: Status of Applications for Import/Non-SCOMET Export/SCOMET Export Licenses

Circular No. 11/2015-2020 Dt. 23-08-2018

DGFT: Grant of Deemed Export Benefits for Supplies to JICA etc – DGFT Circular 11/2015-20

Circular No. Tradeo Notice No. 25/2018-19 Dt. 17-08-18

DGFT: Allowing Import of 125 MT of Peas or Less – Custom Notice 25/2018-19

Circular No. Trade Notice No.24/2018-19 Dt. 16-08-2018

DGFT: Status of Norms Fixation of Advance Authorisations Obtained under Self Declaration Basi

Circular No. 30/2015-20 Dt. 14-08-2018

DGFT: Acceptance of Installation Certification under EPCG Scheme by RAs

Circular No. 29/2015-2020 Dt. 09-08-2018

DGFT: Provision for HS Code 63029100 under MEIS incentives for the period 01.04.2015 to 30.09.2015

Circular No. Trade Notice No. 23/2018-19 Dt. 08-08-2018

DGFT: Amendment in Policy and Procedure for online IEC applications – regd.

Circular No. 28/2015-2020 Dt. 08-08-2018

DGFT: Enhancement of rates for certain HS codes in the Appendix 3B, Table 2 under MEIS – DGFT

Circular No. 27/2015-2020 Dt. 08-08-2018

DGFT: Amendment in Para 2.08 of the Handbook of Procedure 2015-2020

Circular No. 26/2015-2020 Dt. 01-08-2018

DGFT: Services allotted to SEPC – DGFT

Circular No. Trade Notice No. 22/2018 Dt. 30-07-2018

DGFT: Activation of E.com Module for Applying for SEIS Based on ANF 3G

Circular No. 25/2015-20 Dt. 27-07-2018

DGFT: Amendment in Appendix 1B, Hand Book of Procedure 2015-20

Circular No. 24/2015-2020 Dt. 26-07-2018

DGFT: Removal of all items from the Appendix 3A of the Handbook of Procedures, 2015-20

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