Trade Notice

Circular No. 17/2019-20 Dt. 22-05-2019

DGFT: Discontinuing submission of physical copy of RCMCs with effect from 1.07.2019

Circular No. 16/2019-20 Dt. 16-05-2019

DGFT: Prohibition on direct or indirect import and export from/to DPRK (Korea)

Circular No. 15/2019-20 Dt. 16-05-2019

DGFT: Claim of MEIS benefits for exports made to countries in the OFAC List

Circular No. 14/2019-20 Dt. 15-05-2019

DGFT: Three months time window for applying for MEIS for shipping bills

Circular No. 13/2019-20 Dt. 14-05-2019

DGFT: Imports of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2019-20 – DGFT

Circular No. 12/2019-20 Dt. 13-05-2019

DGFT: Discontinuing submission of physical copy of RCMCs with effect from 1.7.2019

Circular No. 11/2019-20 Dt. 09-05-2019

DGFT: Registration of contracts for Peas (HS – Code 0713 10 00) under Trade Notice No. 25/2018-19 dated 17th August, 2018 – DGFT

Circular No. 10/2019-20 Dt. 09-05-2019

DGFT: Low Usage of Self-Ratification Scheme under Para 4.07A of Foreign Trade Policy – DGFT

Circular No. 09/2019-20 Dt. 07-05-2019

DGFT: Processing of applications received in response for Import of Peas and Pulses for the fiscal year 2019-20 – DGFT

Circular No. 08/2015-20 Dt. 26-04-2019

DGFT: Upgradation Module for Online Filling & Tracking Quality Complaints/Trade Disputes Relating to International Trade – DGFT

Circular No. 07/2019-20 Dt. 23-04-2019

DGFT: Implementation of MOU between India and Mozambique for import of pigeon peas – DGFT

Circular No. 05/2019-20 Dt. 15-04-2019

DGFT: Requirement of documents for online IEC application- modification and modification procedure to follow Clarifications

Circular No. 06/2019-20 Dt. 16-04-2019

DGFT: Laying down of modalities for import of Peas – DGFT Notice No.6/2019-2020

Circular No. 04/2015-20 Dt. 12-04-2019

DGFT: Applications for Recognition as Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies – DGFT

Circular No. 03/2015-20 Dt. 03-04-2019

DGFT: Discontinuation of issue of physical copy of MEIS/SEIS scrips for EDI ports with effect from 10.04.2019 – DGFT

Circular No. 02/2019-20 Dt. 03-04-2019

DGFT: Imports of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2018-19 – DGFT

Circular No. 01/2019-20 Dt. 01-04-2019

DGFT: Restriction on import of Peas and Pulses – DGFT

Circular No. 51/2019 Dt. 29-03-2019

DGFT: Online filing, processing and system based approval of MEIS applications in respect of SEZ shipping bills – DGFT

Circular No. 50/2019 Dt. 18-03-2019

DGFT: Online filing and processing of applications for export of Restricted items (Non-SCOMET) at DGFT HQ – Trade Notice 50/2018-19

Circular No. 49/2015-20 Dt. 15-03-2019

DGFT: Online facility for obtaining import license for ‘Restricted’ items from 18th March, 2019 – Trade Notice No.49/2015-2020