Circular No. 63/2018 Dt. 14-09-2018

Circular: Clarification regarding processing of refund claims filed by UIN entitles

Circular No. 62/2018 Dt. 12-09-2018

Circular: Levy of GST on Priority Sector Lending Certificate

Circular No. 61/2018 Dt. 04-09-2018

Circular: E-way bill in case of storing of goods in godown of transporter

Circular No. 60/2018 Dt. 04-09-2018

Circular: Processing of refund applications filed by Canteen Stores Department (CSD).

Circular No. 59/2018 Dt. 04-09-2018

Circular: Clarification on refund related issues

Circular No. 58/2018 Dt. 04-09-2018

Circular: Recovery of arrears of wrongly availed CENVAT credit

Circular No. 57/2018 Dt. 04-09-2018

Circular: Scope of Principal-agent relationship in the context of Schedule I of the CGST Act

Circular No. 56/2018 Dt. 24-08-2018

Circular: Clarification on Removal of Restriction on Refund of Accumulated Input Tax Credit on Fabrics

Circular No. 55/29/2018 Dt. 10/08/2018

CGST: Taxability of services provided by ITI – CGST Circular No.55/29/2018

Circular No. 54/28/2018 Dt. 09/08/2018

CGST: Classification of Fertilizers at 5% GST Rate – CGST Circular No.54/28/2018

Circular No. 53/27/2018 Dt. 09/08/2018

CGST: Clarification of Applicability of GST on the Petroleum Gases – CGST Circular NO.53/27/2018

Circular No. 52/26/2018 Dt. 09/08/2018

CGST: Clarification Regarding Applicability of GST on Various Goods and Services – GST Circular No.52/26/2018

Circular No. 51/25/2018-GST Dt. 31-07-2018

Circular: GST on ambulance services to Govt by private sector under NHM

Circular No. 50/24/2018 Dt. 31-07-2018

Circular: Withdrawal of Circular No. 28/02/2018-GST dated 08.01.2018 as amended vide Corrigendum dated 18.01.2018 and Order No 02/2018–Central Tax dated 31.03.2018

Circular No. Circular No. 49/23/2018 Dt. 21-06-2018

Circular: Modifications in Interception of Conveyances for Inspection of Goods in Movement & Detention

Circular No. 17T of 2018 Dt. 02-06-2018

GST: Clarifications on Issues Related to Refund – SGST

Circular No. 1761/GST-2 Dt. 04-06-2018

GST: Interception, Inspection, Detention, Release & Confiscation of Goods under GST – Haryana GST Circular

Circular No. 47/21/2018 Dt. 08/06/2018

GST: Clarifications of Certain Issues under GST – Circular No.47/21/2018

Circular No. 46/20/2018 Dt. 06/06/2018

GST: Applicable GST Rate on PSLCs, RECs & Other Similar Scrips – GST

Circular No. 48/22/2018-GST Dt. 14/06/2018

GST: Clarifications of Certain Issues under GST – Circular No.48/22/2018