Circular No. 37/2018 Dt. 02-11-2018

DGFT: Online issuance of RCMC by EPCs and its uploading on the DGFT server

Circular No. 74/2018 Dt. 05-11-2018

Circular: Circular clarifying collection of tax at source by Tea Board of India

Circular No. 73/2018 Dt. 05-11-2018

Circular: Scope of principal and agent relationship under Schedule I of CGST Act, 2017 in the context of del-credre agent.

Circular No. 42/2018 Dt. 02-11-2018

Circular: Transhipment of Export Cargo from Bangladesh through LCSs to Kolkata Port in containers

Circular No. 41/2018 Dt. 30-10-2018

Circular: Electronic sealing-deposit in and removal of goods from Customs Bonded warehouse

Circular No. 36/2018 Dt. 30-10-2018

DGFT: Caution against dealing with MSRL Group Limited, Miami, Florida, USA

Circular No. 35/2018 Dt. 25-10-2018

DGFT: Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for Filing Applications before DGFT for restricted Export Licences – DGFT

Circular No. 10/2018 Dt. 29-10-2018

Circular: Relaxation of additional fees and extension of last date of in filing of forms MGT-7 AOC-4

Circular No. 09/2018 Dt. 05-10-2018

Circular: Relaxation of additional fees and extension of last date of in filling of forms MGT-7 and AOC-4.

Circular No. 40/2018 Dt. 24-10-2018

Circular: IGST Export Refunds – Extension in SB005 Alternate Mechanism and Revised Processing

Circular No. 39/2018 Dt. 23-10-2018

Circular: Electronic sealing – Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs bonded Warehouses, clarification

Circular No. 72/2018 Dt. 26-10-2018

Circular: CBIC Clarifies Procedure for Return of Goods on Account of Expiry

Circular No. 71/2018 Dt. 26-10-2018

Circular: CBIC Clarify Issues Related to Casual Taxable Person and ISD

Circular No. 70/2018 Dt. 26-10-2018

Circular: Clarification on certain issues related to refund – CBIC Circular

Circular No. 69/2018 Dt. 26-10-2018

Circular: CBIC Clarification on Cancellation of Registration in GST Reg-16

Circular No. 38/2018 Dt. 18-10-2018

Circular: Customs Circulars 38/2018 Dated 18-10-2018 Related to Bonded Warehouses

Circular No. 34/2018 Dt. 04-10-2018

DGFT: Activation of E com Module for SEIS based on ANF 3B notified vide Public Notice 5/2015-20 dated 28.06.2018

Circular No. 13/2015-2020 Dt. 05-10-2018

DGFT: Eligibility of firms providing educational services to NRI students under SEIS – DGFT

Circular No. 37/2018 Dt. 09-10-2018

Circular: Cases where IGST refund have not been granted due to higher rate of drawback

Circular No. 68/2018 Dt. 05/10/2018

CGST: Notifications for applicable to Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act, 2017