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DGFT Circulars 2019

Circular No.DateSubject
DGFT Circular No.2415-05-2019Administrative Review of Adjudication Orders passed by subordinate officers
DGFT Circular No.2315-05-2019Non-requirement of submission of Hard copy of application at RAs for issue of Advance Authorisation (AA) & EPCG Authorisation – DGFT
DGFT Circular No.2229-03-2019EPCG Scheme Applicability of amendment to para 5.10 (c) of Hand Book of Procedures 2015-20 (Mid-Terms Review) – DGFT
DGFT Circular No.2111-03-2019Discontinuation of physical copy of Advanced/EPCG Authorisation – Procurement from SEZs
DGFT Circular No.2022-02-2019Clarification on eligibility of Exports made from SEZ/EOU
DGFT Circular No.1914-02-2019DGFT discontinues physical copy of Advance /EPCG Authorizations issued from March 01, 2019 onwards for EDI ports
DGFT Circular No.1831-01-2019Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of Para 5.19 of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20
DGFT Circular No.1714-01-2019Additional extension of six months in the Export Obligation Period (EOP)
DGFT Circular No.1609-01-2019Guidelines to RAs for following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for EODC monitoring of both Advance as well as EPCG authorizations using software in website http://eodc.online – Reg.
DGFT Circular No.1504-01-2019Clarification in respect of “not permitting” the import of the capital goods required for “distribution of electrical energy (power)” under the EPCG Scheme’

DGFT Trade Notices 2019

Circular No.DateSubject
DGFT Trade Notice No.2128-06-2019Inviting suggestions on Review of the Foreign Trade Policy-regarding
DGFT Trade Notice No.2026-06-2019Issuance of Multiple Deficiency Letters and in Piecemeal manner during redemption of AA/EPCG.
DGFT Trade Notice No.19/2019-2021-06-2019Response to various representations against Allocation of Quota for Pulses/Peas.
DGFT Trade Notice No.18/2019-2014-06-2019Imports of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2019-20.
DGFT Trade Notice No.17/2019-2022-05-2019Discontinuing submission of physical copy of RCMCs with effect from 1.07.2019 while filling application for incentives/ entitlements under FTP and further clarification in the matter.
DGFT Trade Notice No.16/2019-2016-05-2019Prohibition on direct or indirect import and export from/to DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) in terms of UNSC resolutions concerning DPRK - Para 2.17 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20
DGFT Trade Notice No.15/2019-2016-05-2019Claim of MEIS benefits for exports made to countries in the OFAC List such as Iran and for Vostro Payments
DGFT Trade Notice No.14/2019-2015-05-2019Three months time window for applying for MEIS for shipping bills with HS Codes which were harmonized and notified under MEIS Appendix 3B, Table 2 after a delay
DGFT Trade Notice No.13/2019-2014-05-2019Imports of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2019-20.
DGFT Trade Notice No.12/2019-2013-05-2019Discontinuing submission of physical copy of RCMCs with effect from 1.7.2019 while filling application for incentives/entitlements under FTP
DGFT Trade Notice No.11/2019-2009-05-2019Registration of contracts for Peas (HS - Code 0713 10 00) under Trade Notice No. 25/2018-19 dated 17th August, 2018.
DGFT Trade Notice No.10/2019-2009-05-2019Low Usage of Self-Ratification Scheme under Para 4.07A of Foreign Trade Policy
DGFT Trade Notice No.09/2019-2007-05-2019Processing of applications received in response to Trade Notice No. 06/2019-20 dated 16th April, 2019 for import of Peas and Pulses for the fiscal year 2019-20.
DGFT Trade Notice No.08/2019-2026-04-2019Upgradation Module for Online filling & tracking Quality Complaints/Trade Disputes relating to International Trade - both for Indian and Foreign entities
DGFT Trade Notice No.07/2019-2023-04-2019Implementation of MOU between India and Mozambique for import of pigeon peas and other pulses grown in Mozambique - reg.
DGFT Trade Notice No.06/2019-2016-04-2019Laying down of modalities for import of Peas (including Yellow peas, Green peas, Dun peas and Kaspa peas), Pigeon Peas(Cajanus cajan)/Toor Dal, Moong dal and Urad dal for the fiscal year 2019-2020.
DGFT Trade Notice.05/2019-2015-04-2019Requirement of documents for online IEC application- modification and modification procedure to follow Clarifications-reg.
DGFT Trade Notice.04/2019-2012-04-2019Applications for Recognition as Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies
DGFT Trade Notice.03/2019-2003-04-2019Discontinuation of issue of physical copy of MEIS/SEIS scrips for EDI ports with effect from 10.04.2019
DGFT Trade Notice.02/2019-2003-04-2019Imports of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2018-19.
DGFT Trade Notice.01/2019-2001-04-2019Restriction on import of Peas and Pulses.
DGFT Trade Notice No.51/2015-2029-03-2019Online filing, processing and system based approval of MEIS applications in respect of SEZ shipping bills
DGFT Trade Notice No.50/2015-2018-03-2019Online filing and processing of applications for export of Restricted items (Non-SCOMET) at DGFT HQ
DGFT Trade Notice No.49/2015-2015-03-2019Online facility for obtaining import license for 'Restricted' items from 18th March, 2019 (Para 2.50 of Handbook of Procedures, 2015-2020)-regd.
DGFT Trade Notice No.48/2015-2013-03-2019Consideration of application for grant of authorization for import of gold dore - reg.
DGFT Trade Notice No.47/2015-2011-02-2019Online Module for Filing & Tracking Quality Complaints or Trade Disputes relating to International Trade.
DGFT Trade Notice No.46/2015-2006-02-2019Activation of ANF 3D under the E-com module for applying for MEIS for courier/postal shipments under Para 3.05 of the FTP and Para 3.02 of the HBP
DGFT Trade Notice No.45/2015-2001-02-2019Interest Equalisation Scheme (IES) for pre and post Shipment Rupee Export Credit and its expansion
DGFT Trade Notice No.44/2015-2031-01-2019Export Policy of Bio-fuels – Export of bio fuels from EOU/ SEZ / DTA
DGFT Trade Notice No.43/2015-2030-01-2019Application in ANF -2D submitted for seeking policy-procedure relaxation in teams of para 2.58 of the FTP - reg.
DGFT Trade Notice No.42/2015-2011-01-2019Mandatory recording of information on DGFT website about transfer of MEIS/SEIS Scrips issued from 14.1.2019 onwards (for EDI ports only)
DGFT Trade Notice No.41/2015-2004-01-2019Rationalization of procedures in handling EODC requests under Advance-EPCG Authorizations.

DGFT Circulars 2018

Notification No.DateSubject
DGFT Circular No.1427-12-2018Preparation of Minutes of Norms Committees (NCs).
DGFT Circular No.1305-10-2018Eligibility of firms providing educational services to NRI students under SEIS
DGFT Circular No.1228-08-2018Policy Circular 5(2013)/2009-14 dated 14.08.2013 regarding norms for Spices under Advance Authorization- validity thereof
DGFT Circular No.1123-07-2018Grant of Deemed Export benefits for supplies to the projects funded by Organizations such as JICA etc. under para 8.2(d) of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14.
DGFT Circular No.1013-07-2018Accountability of inputs where Advance Authorizations are issued om net to basis for parts/components - reg
DGFT Circular No.0909-07-2018Clarification on acceptance of any copy of Shipping Bill in lieu of EP copy of Shipping Bill for grant of EODC of Advance Authorisation.
DGFT Circular No.0821-06-2018 Clarification of SEIS benefits to Steamer Agents, etc.
DGFT Circular No.0723-05-2018Clarification on the term `Duty` under Sl.No.3 of Appendix-3A of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020.
DGFT Circular No.0622-05-2018 Service Providers (and not Ports) are eligible for SFIS/SFIS benefit.
DGFT Circular No.0504-04-2018 Clarification regarding export policy of Roasted Gram - Remval of packing restriction.
DGFT Circular No.0426-02-2018Clarification regarding export policy of onions - Removal of Minimum Export Price (MEP) and Letter of Credit (LC).

DGFT Trade Notices 2018

Notification No.DateSubject

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