How to Generate Consolidated E-Way bill?

We are all aware of the fact that e-Way bill has become mandatory for inter-state as well as intra state movement where the value of goods is equal to or more than ₹50, 000. However, the Government of India has given some relief to transporters when multiple goods are being transported from one state to another.

In this article, we will be talking about – How to generate consolidated e-Way bill (EWB-02). But, before we proceed, let us first understand what is a consolidated e-Way bill?

What is a consolidated e-Way bill?

When a transporter of goods is carrying multiple shipments from one state to another in a single vehicle, he is required to obtain a consolidated e-Way bill. Each supplier will share their respective e-Way bills to the transporter and the transporter will consolidate all e-Way bills into one single document.

NOTE: The transporter needs to ensure that all the shipments for which he is making a consolidated e-Way bill goes through the same vehicle.

To make things clear, let’s take an example. Shri Krishna Transport is carrying multiple goods in the same vehicle from Gujrat to Mumbai. The shipment includes goods from Mr. Arjun amounting to ₹60, 000, goods from Mr. Karan amounting to ₹1,20,000, goods from Mr. Eklavya amounting to ₹90, 000 and goods from Mr. Ashwathama amounting to ₹70, 000. So, under this case, Shri Krishna Transport can generate a consolidated e-Way bill. But please note one thing that Shri Krishna Transport must have all the eway bill numbers of the consignments, which the transporter shall transport in one conveyance.

How to generate a consolidated e-Way bill?

Generating a consolidated e-Way bill is very simple. The transporter needs to be registered with the website- here how to register on eWay Bill Portal?

Now follow the given steps:

STEP 1 – Login to your account in e-Way bill portal

STEP 2 – After logging in click on “Consolidated EWB” and select “Generate New”

STEP 3 – A new page will open where information with respect to consolidated e-Way bill needs to be furnished. The form will look something like this:

Consolidated eWay Bill Generation picture 2

In this form, the transporter needs to furnish the detail of all the goods being transported from a single vehicle. Upon clicking “Submit” button, the system will generate a consolidated e-Way bill.

consolidated eway bill printout

Why choose consolidated e-Way bill?

Consolidated e-Way bill is just like a master document that contains information for all the goods that it is transporting at a single go. The transporter is not required to carry multiple copied of e-Way bills for each supply, rather he just needs to carry on single document that will carry each and every required information.


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