When eWay Bill is Not Required? List of Goods & Cases

As you all know eway bill is required for inter state transactions w.e.f 1st April 2018 with-in state from 1st June 2018.

But there are some cases when you don’t need to generate eway bill even the value of the goods above Rs.50,000/- whether the movement of goods within state or inter state. Here we will discussed all cases and list of goods when the eway bill is not required.

Cases When eWay Bill is not Required

  1. When the value of goods is less than Rs.50,000/-  (except in case of job work sending inter-state and handicraft goods)
  2. When goods are being moved by a non-motorised conveyance (Rehda, Rikshaw, Bull Carts, Horse Carts etc)
  3. Where goods are being transported up to a distance of 20 KMs from the place of the business of the consignor to a weigh-bridge for weighing or from the weight-bridge back to the place of the business of said consignor. However, in this case the movement of goods has to be accompanied by a delivery challan,
  4. When goods are being transported from the customs port, airport, cargo complex and land customs station to an inland container Depot (ICD) or a Container Freight Station (CFS) for clearance by customs,
  5. Where goods are being transported under custom supervision or under customs seal,
  6. Where goods are being transported from one custom station or port to another custom station or port,
  7. Where goods are being transported as transit cargo from or to Nepal or Bhutan,
  8. Where goods are being transported by rail and consignor of goods is the Central Government, State Government or a local authority,
  9. Where empty cargo containers are being transported,
  10. Where movement of goods is being caused by defence formation under the Ministry of Defence as a Consignor or a consignee
  11. Specified Goods exempted from eway bill – List of items  Download Here

Where Goods are transported for a distance lesser than 50 KM within state

Position 1

  • From Place of business of the Consignor
  • To Place of business of the transporter
  • For further transportation

Position 2

  • From Place of Business of the Transporter
  • To Place of the Consignee (Only A Part is required to be filled)

You must check our eWay bill Complete Guide for more clarification on eway bill.




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