How to Generate eWay Bill on Android Mobile?

You can also generate eway bill by Android App/Android Mobile. You must have android mobile phone. This facility is not available on iPhone. You must register yourself on eway bill portal i.e.  to download android application. We will tell you step by step procedure to generate eway bill through android mobile.

There are following ways to generate eway bill as follows:

Step by Step Procedure to Generate eway Bill via Android App

Step 1: You should visit and select the option ” For Android” under the option ‘Registration’.

generate eway bill by android app

The e-waybill Android app can be downloaded to your mobile and used to achieve all the functionalities of the ewaybill system.

This option is used to register the IMEI number of you mobile device. Only one IMEI number can be registered against each user. Once registered the same IMEI number cannot be used to register for any other user.

android app eway bill generation

Step 2: Now you need to select the user, name and place. You need to enter the IMIE number of the user of the mobile. It will register your mobile phone to the eway bill portal. So that system can ensure that you are generating eway bill. The whole purpose for IMIE number is to verify that no one can generate eway bill on behalf of you.

Step 3: The link to download app will be send on your mobile phone through SMS.

Step 4: Click on the link which you received from SMS.

sms received

Step 5: Now install the app. After installing app, you will ask to login with your user ID and password.

android app eway bill generation login screen

Step 6: Now you are ready to generate eway bill easily from your android mobile phone. You can also generate PDF and print out.

Hope you will get the whole procedure for generating eway bill by android app phone. Don’t worry if you have any doubt and not able to install app. You can ask us via comment form. We will instantly reply.


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