eWay Bill in Case of Goods Moved Through Railway

India has one of the largest railway networks in the world. In this article, we shall be discussing how e-Way bill play a role in case of transportation of goods by railways.

As if you are sending goods through Railway, they are normally transported by road to the railway station. So at first instance you need generate eway bill. So You just need to update part B when the goods start to move through railway.

Requirements for transport of goods by railways

Goods can be transported inter-state or intra-state by railways only when the following documents are ready with the supplier:

  1. Delivery challan of the goods
  2. Invoice
  3. Transporter ID

Process of sending goods by railways

It is obvious that the supplier will not have his office in any railway station. The transporter first needs to transfer the goods from his office to the railway station and then the goods would be loaded on the railway carriage. So, here the e-Way bill will be updated.

In the first place, e-Way will be generated with the road transport details, that is, the number of the vehicle carrying the goods from the office of supplier to the railway station would be mentioned. Once the goods have reached the railway station, then in Part B of the form the vehicle details need to be updated with the train’s details.

For this purpose, Railways Receipt (RR) would be required. It is a document which contains details of the goods being transported through railways. Along with the RR, the supplier is also required to be mentioned a rough estimate of the distance in kms which the goods would be covering.

What if e-Way bill has not been generated?

There may be a case where the supplier has not generated e-Way bill for railways. In that case, the goods will not be delivered to the recipient of goods. As per the prevailing law, it is mandatory to generate an e-Way bill. The only exception to this rule is Indian Railways. If any goods of Indian Railways is being carried from state to another, no e-Way bill is required to be generated by the supplier or the recipient of goods.

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  1. if an employee carries goods and travel through railway to another destination. How can I enter transporter details in such case and how to generate e-way bill in such case?

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