How to Register for eWay Bill under GST? Step by Step Procedure

An eWay bill or way bill is simply a document having information of shipment of a movement of goods including sender name, receiver, place of sending, destination and route. The eWay bill can only be generated through (official website to generate ewaybill). So to generate eway bill you need to register yourself on the eWay bill portal. Here we will discuss procedure for eWay bill registration.

Who can Register for eWay Bill?

The following person should register for e-waybill if goods movement is over Rs.50,000/- irrespective of distance.

  1. Taxpayers / Registered Transporters Person under GST
  2. Unregistered Transporters

#1 e-Way Bill Registration for Registered Taxpayers / Registered Transporters

Here is the step by step procedure for registration of eway Bill Generation for taxpayers & registered transporters.

Step 1: Visit the official website

eway home page

Step 2: Click on Registration Tab and on eWay Bill Registration.

eway bill registration

Step 3: After clicking on e-Way bill Registration, the following screen will appear.

ewaybill registration home page

Step4: Enter your GSTIN and Captcha then the following screen will appear. The applicant name, trade name, address, mail ID and mobile number are auto populated. If there is information which is not updated then you need to click on “Updated from GST Common Portal’ and get the OTP. After verifying OTP it will auto validate.

eway bill registration information

Step 5: Now, enter new User Id and set a password. The user name should be about 8 to 15 characters. If the user ID has already existed then you have to enter a new user ID. It is same procedure like creating any email ID. After entering user ID and password the system will validate the user ID and password for registration of e-Way bill system.

Tips for e-Way Bill Registration

  • Keep ready your GSTIN in hand.
  • The registered mobile number should be with you while registering for e-Way Bill.
  • The username for e-Way bill registration should be of at least 8 characters with a combination of alphabets (A-Z/a-z), numerals (0-9) and special characters. It can’t exceed more than 15 characters.
  • The password should be of at least 8 characters.
  • Don’t tell your username and password to anyone.

#2 Registration Procedure of e-Way Bill for Unregistered Transporters

As you see above, the procedure for eway bill registration for registered taxpayer is very simple. As the information is auto populated immediately entering GSTIN.

As the unregistered transporters has not any GSTIN. So they have to enter business information, PAN details, Business type, business place and Aaadhaar and mobile number.

Unregistered transporter required to register for eWay bill if they are carrying goods over Rs.50,000 whether it is for single supplier or multiple suppliers.

There are following steps for unregistered transporters for registration of eway bill.

Step 1: Visit the official website Then click on registration tab and click on “Enrollment for Transporter”.

eway bill registration for unregistered transporters

Step 2: After that the following screen will appear.  Fill all the information asking in the application form.

Step 3: After filing the information you have to choose user name and password of your choice.

Step 4: After clicking on save button, the system will generate 15 digits TRANS ID. Now, you can provide this TRANS ID to your clients to enter in the e-Way bill. It will enable the option for your clients to enter the transporter information in eway bills.

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