10 Important eWay Bill Requirements When Transportation by Road

e-Way bill has become mandatory for every inter-state & intra- state transport these days where concerned goods are valued above ₹50,000. For this purpose, the supplier of the goods, or the transporter, or the recipient of goods can generate an e-Way bill. But before we proceed with the e-Way bill requirement for transportation of goods by road, we must understand the pattern of e-Way bill.

e-Way bill pattern under Transportation of Goods by Road

  • The e-Way bill is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B.
  • Part A compromises of information such as GSTIN number of the recipient, location to which goods needs to be delivered, HSN code, value of goods, etc.
  • Part B compromises of transporter’s information. This includes the vehicle number through which the transportation is being done, transporter’s ID, etc.

10 things to remember for transportation of goods under e-Way bill:

  1. It is mandatory to give vehicle number through which the inter-state/intra-state transport is being done.
  2. Transporter’s ID is also mandatory.
  3. If the supplier of goods is transporting the goods from his own vehicle, then such information must be mentioned in Part A of the e-Way bill. (Check here for more detail)
  4. f supplier is aware of the transporter’s ID and vehicle number, then the supplier of goods can himself fill up Part B of the form as well.
  5. During transit if the goods are shifted to any other vehicle (due to reasons such as vehicle break-down, etc.) then the transporter needs to update the e-Way bill with new vehicle details. (Check How to update eway bill)
  6. In case of normal cargo, e-Way bill offers 1 day to cover 100 kms. In addition to 100kms or a part thereof, 1 extra day is added.
  7. In case of Over dimensional cargo, e-Way bill offers 1 day to cover 20 kms. In addition to 20 kms or part thereof, 1 extra day is added.
  8. E-Way bill’s validity can be extended within 4 hours of its expiry or at the time of its expiry.
  9. If a single product is being transported through numerous vehicles, then separate e-Way bill is required for each vehicle. For the purpose of generating e-Way bill, delivery challan will be used. The last vehicle will have a delivery challan, an e-Way bill and the invoice of the product. (Check here for eway bill multi vehicle option)
  10. e-Way bill can be cancelled within 24 hours from the time of its generation.

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