ewaybillnic.in – Complete eWay Bill Portal Guidance

ewaybill.gov.in is the only official portal to generate eWay bill. This is the common eway bill portal where registered person and transporter can generate eway bill.

There are two websites URL but having same functions. You can open any of the websites as given below.

After login to GST eWay Bill Common Portal, you can generate eway bill, cancel eway bill and manage your eway bills.

It is very easy to do generate eway bill on the portal. But sometime there are confusions to the taxapayers because of latest changes in ewaybillnic.in. But don’t worry we will help you to guide over login and management of eway bill through ewaybill.nic.in.

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ewaybillnic.in Home Page

Visit ewaybill.nic.in, the home page of eway bill portal look like as follows:

ewaybill.nic.in home page

Ewaybill.nic.in Sections

Laws Section

ewaybill laws sectionHere you can find the rules, forms, latest notifications and circulars. The rules will help you to better understanding of eway bill procedure. You can download the format of eway bill forms like EWB-01, EWB-02, EWB-03, EWB-04, ENR-01 & INV-01. You will never miss any updates from the section of notification and circulars.

Help Section

ewaybill nic in help sectionThe help section is really helpful as it contain user manual, CBT, FAQ, Advertisement and Tools. In the User manual section you can download user guidance to generate eway bill through ewaybill.nic.in, SMS, Bulk generation system and API system. You can download FAQ to read the common questions asked by the taxpayers. It will really help you understand the concept.

Search Section

ewaybill nic in search sectionThe another option in ewaybill.nic.in portal is search option which is very useful to find the name of the dealer, address of the dealer and other information about dealer. You can search it by GSTIN number and entering captcha code. You can also print the eway bill by entering the E way bill number and date.


Contact Us

You can contact the officials who are available by phone number 0120-4888999 or you can report issue or any complaint by visiting this url https://selfservice.gstsystem.in.

Registration on EwayBill.Nic.in 

The registration procedure is very simple and fast on ewaybill.nic.in. You need to register yourself one time only. No further registration needed after that you can login to the portal and can generate the eway bill. On the eway bill portal, you need to enter your GSTIN number along with the displayed captcha. After that click Go to submit the request.

Tips for Registration

  • Write down your GSTIN number in Paper.
  • Your registered mobile should be with you.
  • The user name should be of at least 8 characters ( (A-Z/a-z), numerals (0-9) and special characters (@, #, $, %, &, *, ^) and can’t exceed more than 15 characters.
  • The password should be of at least 8 characters.
  • Don’t tell your username and password to any one.

Forgot Password on EwayBill.Nic.in

In any case, if you forgot your password of ewaybill.nic.in portal, you can regenerate the password by the following procedure.

  • Enter basic information like GSTIN and user name
  • Mobile Number.
  • Then the system will send you OTP.
  • Enter OTP and generate new password.

If the detail entered by you are not correct, the system will not generate OTP and pops the message as follows;

If the tax payer has updated his details in GST Common Portal, but is not being reflected in the e-way bill system, he can select ‘Update details from GST CP’. Now, the system pulls the latest data from the Common Portal and updates and he can try again the same so that he can get the SMS to his new mobile.

Forgot User name EwayBill.nic.in

If you forget your user name of ewaybill.nic.in in portal then there is also the option to regenerate the user name by the same procedure as given above as in forgot password.

Login to EwayBill.Nic.in (e-way Bill System)

If you have already registered in ewaybill.nic.in, you can login to the system and can generated the eway bill. You should enter your user name, password captcha to login. After login you will find various option under you dashboard.

ewaybill after login

On the left hand side, there are various options. We will discuss one by one in brief as follows:

  • e-way bill: You can generate, update, cancel and print the e-Way bill.
  • Consolidated e-Way Bill: You can generate, update, and print the consolidated e-Way bills.
  • Reject: You can reject the e-Way bill if it does not belongs to you.
  • Reports: You can generate various kids of reports.
  • My Masters: You can create various masters like customers, suppliers, products and transports. It will help you generate fast e-way bill again.
  • User Management: You can create user under your login to generate e-way bill like accountants, CA, Representatives.
  • Registration: You can register for Android APP, SMS, GSP and API for advance users.
  • Update: You can update the detail of transporter/taxpayers and GSTIN detail.
  • Grievance: It is for generating the detention report based on e-Way Bill number.


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