How to File NIL GSTR 1?

Some persons find difficulty to file NIL GSTR 1. As you know every registered person under GST must submit GSTR 1 whether the person has no sale/outward supplies during prescribe month.

But now the problem is that if you are filing NIL return then there are some errors as follows:

  1. You have no summary to submit GSTR1
  2. Error! Invoices already Submitted

1) Solution of Error “You have no summary to submit GSTR 1”

So the solution is very simple open all columns and without adding any invoice click on back button.

After that submit the detail and choose your option of “DSC” or “EVC” to file GSTR 1 NIL return.

It will let you submit NIL return without any problem.

Check step by step procedure given below by images:

Step 1: Click on B2B Column.

gstr 1 nil return problem messageStep 2: After clicking on B2B column, click on back button as shown in image without entering any invoice.

how to file gstr 1

Step 3: Do same procedure with all columns like B2c, export and all except on 10th Column “Nil Rated Supplies”

Step 4: On 10th Column, click on save and then back.

10th column 8a 8b 8c gstr 110th column click on back gstr 1 nil return

Step 4: After that submit and file return with DSC or EVC option.

Thats all!

Hope it will solve your problem of submitting GSTR 1 Nil return without any error. If you find any problem to submit GSTR 1 NIL return ask via comment form. We will reply you as early as possible.

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2) Error! Invoices already Submitted (GSTR1)

Sorry, there is no solution of error “Invoice already submitted” while filing GSTR1. We have contacted the support team of GST. But they also have no solution of this error. See the screenshot of official twitter handle is given below. But don’t worry whenever we find any solution, we will update you here.

gstr 1 nil return error


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21 thoughts on “How to File NIL GSTR 1?”

  1. Error! You have no summary to submit GSTR1
    Generate GSTR1 Summary process is initiated, Please recheck after one minute

    i am getting this eeror gst portal.Please help

  2. Sir,
    I have completed all the steps, still the message “you have no summary to submit GSTR 1” persists and am unable to file return.

  3. Error! You have no summary to submit GSTR1
    Generate GSTR1 Summary process is initiated, Please recheck after one minute

    i am getting this eeror gst portal

  4. Hi Sir,

    I have followed the procedure as you said for filling nil GSTR 1 . But still showing You have no summary to submit GSTR 1.

    Please help

  5. I have already generated and submitted nil return. But can not file. Portal shows- err system failure. Please help.

  6. hello sir,

    after GSTR1 submitted, status not show submitted, final DSC submitted show after min 1 hrs. and i have 30 clients. how can i filed all clients in two days

  7. you showing only one concept, we excepting more i want detailes filing of GSTR1 & GST3B & ALL others give sugesstions

    • Hi Vimal, No problem, Just log out and login again after 10 minutes. It will let the EVC option active. If found any problem then tell..

  8. Thank you for Instructions on file of GSTR1 NIL Return. I was facing the same problem, but after reading your article . I was able to file the Nil Return. Thank you

  9. You have some pending invoice in section: DOC . Do you want to continue?
    this is the messege i get while filling gst return online can you please suggest or solve my query ??

  10. Hi, we are GTA and doing bill of supply billing to client since it’s RCM. Whether we need to file GSTR 1. please do suggest. We and client both are registered under GST.

    • Hi Naveen, Yes must file GSTR under section 37 & 39 of CGST act every registered person required to file submit GST return.

    • Hi Munish Kumar, You just follow the above steps. We have submitted various NIL GSTR1 in the same way. If you found any error agian tell us. we will help you. Thanks


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