7 Different Source of Finance with its Merits and Limitations

Every business needs finance for running the operations. It needs to raise finance for it. There are many different sources available for raising finance for a business. Some of which are listed below: #1 Equity shares Equity shares are hold by the real owners of the company. They have the full control over the working … Read more

Sources of Finance on the Basis of Time, Ownership and Generation

The sources of finance through which business can raise funds could be classified under 3 categories which are as follows: On The Basis of Period Long term period: As the name itself suggests that the funds are used for long period of time i.e. for more than one year. Sources through which we can arrange … Read more

Why are Insurance Plans Important for Your Financial Well-Being?

The term insurance means an agreement by which a company or the state undertakes the responsibility to provide the guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness or specially death in return of paying specified premium, or we can say a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality. Broadly there are two types of insurance … Read more

Cost of Raising Different Finance

There are many sources available from which finance could be raised. As we all know there is always some of cost of everything similarly for raising finance there is also some cost which a company has to incur. Some of these costs incurred by the company are described below: Cost of equity It is the … Read more

Business Finance Needs – Fixed & Working Capital Requirements

Business finance is a term that consist of wide range of activities and works which revolve around proper utilization of money and other various valuable assets. It also refers money and credit which is employed in the business for earning profit to run a business in a better way, there are many basic requirements of … Read more

Cabinet Approves New Accounting Regulator – NFRA

Cabinet approved today Fugitive Economic Offenders Bills 2018. The bill will be presented in Parliament in the next session. The cabinet has also approved establishment of National Financial Reporting Authority. Here is the press released by GOI on 1st March 2018. Press Released (Dt. 1st March 2018) Cabinet approves Establishment of ¬†National Financial Reporting Authority … Read more

11 Ways to Select Best Health Insurance Policy in India

Today people are suffering from many health problems and many times these problems can take one to hospitalization. Due to the emergency problem the cost of medical care and treatment may gone very up drastically which can ruin you financially. Thus, one should choose best health insurance plan, which can result as Boon for you … Read more