How to Generate e-Way bill on eWay Bill Portal? Step by Step Procedure

e-Way bills have become mandatory for intra-state (with-in state) and inter-state (out of state) transport of goods whose value is more than 50,000/-. So you need to generate eway bill on eway bill portal. The procedure to generate eway bill is very easy. Here is the step by step procedure to generate eway bill on eway bill portal.

How to generate e-Way bill?

You can generate eWay bill by two ways:

Documents Keep in Hand While Generating eWay Bill

The following documents will help you to generate eway bill faster and correct.

  • Invoice/Challan/Documents
  • Transporter ID

e-Way bill generation via Web Step by Step

The Government of India has given us a very easy way to generate e-Way bills through a website. But, before we proceed, we must have the following:-

Step 1: Register on It is very simple process. You need only one time registration. Here is the complete guide on registration on portal. Check Here

Step 2: After registration you have to login the portal. Enter your username and password along with captcha code. After login the following screen will appear. On the left hand side, the first option shows e-way bill, click on it.

eway bill generation after login

Step 3: Now, you have to click on “Generate New” sub-option under e-way bill.

eway bill generation left hand option

Step 4: The following screen will appear here you have to enter all the information about Bill from, dispatch from, bill to, ship to, items details etc.

eway bill

Firstly, you need to select “Type of Transaction – outward or inward”

  • The outward supply indicates that you are sending goods. For outward transaction, The system will generate automatic information in Bill from and Dispatch from. You can also change the dispatch from information if the movement goods are from other place.
  • The inward supply indicates that you are receiving goods. For inward transaction, you have to enter the suppler GSTN & Address. But you can also use masters to auto populate the information. But for that purpose you have to create master first.

Secondly, you need to select the type of document. You need to enter the following:-

  • Document Number
  • Date of Document

Thirdly, you need to enter item details. You can also create master for faster generation of eway bill. All other fields like description, HSN, Unit, tax rate are auto filled from the master. You need enter quantity and taxable value of the product mentioned in the bill/invoice.

Then you need to select the mode of transportation -road, rail, air or ship. Under part-B of the eway bill you need to enter the approximate travelling distance between the selected supplier (source) to recipient (destination).

The e-Way bill generated when the part-b is completed then it show the validity. Now, it is the duty of transporter or consignor to move the goods within that valid time or date. The validity time is midnight of the validity date. You can print out the eway bill.

Once all the information has been furnished, click on the ‘Submit’ button. The system will automatically validate the furnished data and will show error, if any. If there are no errors then, the system will generate an e-Way bill consisting of a unique 12-digit number. Once you have received the e-Way bill, it is advised to take a print out of the same and use for proceedings.

eway bill print

Tips for Generating eway bill faster

  • Keep necessary documents in hand as specified above
  • Keep vehicle number in hand for road and transporter Id, document number and date for movement by rail, air or ship.
  • Create masters for regular clients
  • Create masters for product items

Summary for e-Way Bill Generation

When you are ready with the above-mentioned documents, just follow the given steps:

  • STEP 1 – Login to the official website for generating e-Way bill –
  • STEP 2 – Go to the “e-Waybill” tab and select “Generate New”
  • STEP 3 – Select the details that applies to your transport, such as, transaction type, sub type, etc.

There are 8 key areas that you need to fill up:

  1. Transaction Type: Choose from outward or inward.
  2. Sub Type: Choose from Supply, Export, Job Work, etc.
  3. Document Type: Choose from Invoice, Challan, Bill, etc.
  4. Document number:  Enter the number of Invoice, Bill, Challan, etc.
  5. Document Date: Select the date which is mentioned on the Invoice, Bill, Challan.
  6. From/ To: Depends on your position. If you are supplying, then fill your information under ‘From’ section and vice-versa. The other area should include details to whom you are supplying the goods or receiving the goods, depending on your case.
  7. Item Details: Add complete information about the item such as Product Name, Description, HSN Code, etc.
  8. Transporter Details: Mention details such as mode of transport, distance to be covered, etc.



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  1. We are supplying goods to SEZ units without payment of IGST under LUT.
    While preparing eway bill rate of tax column should be 0 or ?


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