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gst council meeting decisions

Find here complete detail about GST council meeting decisions till the date. You can find the date wise detail of GST Council meeting decisions. If you are a tax professional then you must follow this page to get latest updates on GST amendments.

35th GST Council Meeting Highlights

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1. GST Annual Return due date extended till from 30th June to 31st August 2019 for FY 2017-18
2. Aadhar-enabled GST Registration introduced
3. NAA tenure extended by 2 years
4. 10% penalty to apply for any delay in depositing profiteered amount
5. E-invoicing to apply to start from January 2020
6. E-ticketing made mandatory for multiplexes
7. Rate cut decision on Electric vehicles, chargers & leasing thereof deferred; Committee to submit its report
8. Rate cut for lottery put on hold; Matter to be referred before an Attorney General
9. GSTAT to be GST Appellate Tribunal. States to decide the number of GSTAT required by them.

Decisions by GST Council in the 34th meeting held on 19 Mar 2019

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33rd GST Council Meeting on 20-02-2019 & 24-02-2019

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32nd GST Council Meeting on 10-01-2019

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31st GST Council Meeting on 22-12-2018

Recommendations made during 31st Meeting of the GST Council (22nd December 2018)

30th GST Council Meeting on 28-09-2018

The 30th GST Council Meet concluded on September 28, 2018. It was chaired by Finance Minister, Sh. Arun Jaitley via video conferencing along with other state finance ministers. Here are some takeaways from the latest Council Meet.

1. Calamity Cess

Keeping in view the grave flood situation in Kerala, the state proposed the imposition of cess on SGST for the purpose of rehabilitation and other flood related works. The GST Council decided to constitute a GoM i.e. a Group of Ministers consisting of 7 members, who would devise plans to help distressed states during calamity. This was finalized after the approval of Sh. Arun Jaitley. The GoM will take care of the issues related to “Modalities for Revenue Mobilization in case of Natural Calamities and Disasters”. The report will be submitted by 31st October, 2018 by the GoM.

2. Revenue Gap

The revenue gap is decreasing and the Council will wait till the next month to comprehend with the ongoing trend. There was a detailed presentation about revenue position. It had been decided earlier that GST council secretary would visit revenue deficit states & analyse it. However, it was found that there’s no revenue shortfall in the North-eastern states. The Finance Minister stated that the deficit that the centre has to neutralise was 16% in first year.

3. 1% PAN-India Tax

The 30th GST Council Meet also had a discussion with respect to 1% PAN-India tax on commodities.

4. GST Collections

The GST collections in many north-eastern states had been beyond expectations. Also, an Analyst Panel will conduct a research over the GST collection across the states.
However, there was no discussion on account of:

  • GST rate change on any product.
  • The inclusion of Petrol and Diesel under the ambit of GST.

There are still a lot of issues that require immediate attention of the GST Council such as simplification and automation of GSTR-9C, compliances for MSMEs, AAR discussions, etc. These issues were expected to be discussed in the 30th Council Meet.

29th GST Council Meeting on 04-08-2018

Digital Payments :

1. Incentives in the form cashback will be offered on the GST component of the bill for payments made digitally.

2. Digital modes will include payments through –

  • Rupay Debit card
  • UPI Aadhaar
  • USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

3. A cashback of 20% on the GST component will be credited to the consumers, which will be limited to Rs. 100 only per transaction.

4. This will be a trial basis process by the GST council to check whether it increases the tax payment compliances or not.

5. It will not be a compulsory adoption by the states. The states will have to volunteer for these processes to be implemented.


1. A group of ministers formed to study and address the issues related to MSMEs.

2. This group will work in alignment with the law and fitment committee to address the concerns of this sector on GST compliances and procedures related to GST return filings.

28th GST Council Meeting on 21-07-2018

27th GST Council Meeting on 04-05-2018

26th GST Council Meeting on 10-03-2018

25th GST Council Meeting on 18-01-2018

24th GST Council Meeting on 16-12-2017

23rd GST Council Meeting on 10-11-2017

22nd GST Council Meeting on 06-10-2017

  1. Quick & Detail Updates of GST Council 22nd Meeting
  2. Changes in Rate of Tax on Supply of Services – 22nd Meeting 06-10-2017
  3. Changes in IGST Exemption on Imports of Goods [22nd Council Meeting 06-10-2017]
  4. Changes in GST Rates for Goods – 22nd Meeting (06-10-2017)
  5. Relief in Composition Scheme, Reverse Charges, etc (22nd Council Meeting on 06-10-2017)

21st GST Council Meeting on 09-09-2017

20th GST Council Meeting on 05-08-2017

18th GST Council Meeting on 30-06-2017

17th GST Council Meeting on 18-06-2017

16th GST Council Meeting on 11-06-2017

15th GST Council Meeting on 03-06-2017

14th GST Council Meeting on 18-05-2017 & 19-05-2017

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