GST Rates PDF: Item & Chapter Wise (Upto 25th GST Council Meeting)

Here you can find GST rates items and chapter wise detail along with HSN coe.  in PDF format. We update GST rates page regularly. Here you can also download PDF file and save it on your mobile or desktop to open it instantly. The final GST rates are 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. The GST rates pdf files are given here approved by the GST Council.

Download GST Rates on Goods PDF Files – Up to Date

GST Rate Changes – 25th Meeting (Meeting on 18-01-2018)

GST Rates Changes -23rd Meeting (Meeting on 10-11-2017)

Changes in IGST EXEMPTION ON IMPORTS OF GOODS (Meeting on 6-10-2017)

List of Items GST Rates Changes (Meeting on 6-10-2017)

List of Items Increase in Rate of Compensation Cess (Meeting on 09-09-2017)

List of Goods Which Rates Changed in 21st GST Council Meeting (Meeting on 9-09-2017)

Revised GST Rates on Some Goods (Meeting on 18-6-2017)

GST Rates Revised for 66 Items by GST Council (Meeting on 11-06-2017)

IGST Exemptions Approved (Meeting on 11-06-2017)

Revised Threshold Limit for Composition Levy (Meeting on 11-06-2017)

GST Chapter Wise Rates Schedule (Meeting Held on 18th May 2017)

GST Chapter Wise Rates Schedule (03-06-2017)

GST Compensation Cess Rates (Meeting Held on 18th May 2017)

GST addendum to the GST Rates Schedule (18th May 2017)

GST Addendum to the GST Rates Schedule (03-06-2017)

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Download GST Rates on Services PDF Files – Up to Date (Last Update on 15-06-2017)

GST Rates Schedule for Services

Service under reverse charge as approved by GST Council

Classification Scheme for Services under GST

Amendments in Services GST Rates (Meeting held on 11th June 2017)

GST Rates 2017 – Quick Summary

GST ratesProducts
0% (Exempt)Food grains, milk, eggs, curd, unpacked paneer, natural honey, atta, besan, common salt, vegetable oil, Fish seeds, gur, fresh meat,
5%Coffee, Tea, Spices, pizza bread, rusk, Edible Oil, Sugar, Frozen vegetables, branded paneer, umbrella, kerosene, LPG, brooms, Chalk

Coal (Currently @ 11.69%)

Indian Sweets

Life-saving Drugs

12%Computers, Processed Foods

Butter, cheese, ghee, dry fruits, animal fat, namkeen, fruit juice, water, Bio-Gas, cellphones

18%Hair Oil, toothpaste and soaps

Capital goods and Industrial Intermediaries

Iron & steel, fountain pen, Indian Katha, Jams, soups, ice cream, toilet and facial tissues, camera, speakers

28%Small cars plus a cess of up to 3%

Consumer Durables such as AC, fridge, washing machine, shavers, heaters etc.

BMWs, aerated drinks, cigeratte

Cement, chewing gums, Pan masala, perfume, shampoo, fireworks,

High-end Motorcycle

In this regard, the official notification has been issued as per discussions in the GST Council Meeting held on 18th May, 2017. You can download the notifications for GST Rates in PDF at the end of this article.

The GST rate structure was awaited by every person as what will be the impact of GST on the goods?? Another question was whether there will be increase in the burden of tax on consumers or it reduce??

The final GST rate of tax imposed on final consumer in current indirect tax regime is about 30-31% after the cascading effect.

These questions are answered as the rate structure under GST has been finalized. The GST rates which are finalized in council held on 18th May, 2017 in Srinagar are 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. It is four-tier tax structure. There are 98 chapters in which the final rate structure is divided. It imposes lower tax on essential items and a higher rate on luxury items. After the announcement, everyone is evaluating their position and its impact on them.

GST Rates – Effect of announcement

  1. gst ratesThe basic goods should be available at affordable price so, sugar, tea, coffee and edible oil fall under the 5% slab while cereals, milk will be part of exempt goods. Whereas the ready to eat food such as Maggie are kept out of this category.
  2. The rate of capital goods and industrial intermediate items is 18%. This will have a positive effect on the manufacturers as input credit will be available for all capital goods. This will also promote MAKE IN INDIA launched by Mr. Narindra Modi.
  3. The rate if tax on coal is decreased from 11.69% to 5%. This is beneficial to the power sector and heavy industries whose coal is main energy supply. This could also curb inflation.
  4. Toothpaste, soaps will be taxed @ 18% instead of 28%. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands shall get the benefit of reduction in tax rate.
  5. The applicable rate will be 18% for the restaurants serving alcohol
  6. The education and healthcare are exempt under GST
  7. Services for Non-AC restaurants will be covered under 12% tax rate

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