GST Registration as Normal Taxpayer (From GST REG-01) Part-B

1. I am unable to change my State. Why?

GST Registration is state-wise and since you have selected the state in PART A of the Registration Application, you cannot change it.

2. I don’t know my Ward/Circle/Sector No.

Please refer your state website, a tax return preparer (TRP), or your jurisdictional officer.

3. I don’t know my Center Jurisdiction.

Please refer to

4. I want to/don’t want to Opt for Composition. How do I make sure my choice is exercised?

There is a YES/NO button to choose whether you wish to Opt for Composition or not. Please make the appropriate choice.

5. What is my Date of Commencement of Business?

The date of commencement of business is the day you officially started supplying/receiving goods and/or services.

6. I am applying for GST Registration and “Option for Composition” field under Business Details tab is by default appearing as No. Why? Can I still opt for composition scheme with new registration?

In case, you are already registered with same PAN on the GST Portal and opted in or opt out from Composition Levy, then registering with same PAN on GST Portal will reflect the status of composition levy (opted in/opted out) across all GSTINs mapped to the PAN including any new registration.

In case, you apply for new registration with opting in or out from composition levy now, then all GSTINs registered with same PAN will be opted in and out from composition scheme by default.

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