GST Search Tool (Find Details of Any GST Number)

Search GST Number (GSTIN)

What is GST Search Tool is All About?

  • This “GST Search” tool is all about to check GST number validation and its complete detail. You can search the complete detail of any GST number like Trade Name, Legal Name, Legal Status, GST Registration Date, Business Address, Business Type, Centre Jurisdiction, State Jurisdiction and more information. You can also validate GST number if you enter wrong GST number then GST search tool will show you the error.
  • The GST Search tool is totally free without any subscription fee.

How to Use GST Search Tool

  1. You should visit this page Now, you already on this page.
  2. You can type any 15 digit GST number and click on Search.
  3. Thats it! You will get the complete detail about that GST number.

How Many GST Numbers I Can Search?

You can search unlimited GST numbers without paying any fee. This GST Search tool is for everyone. You can bookmark this page and search anytime anywhere. You can search GST number also on your mobile.

Can I Search GST Number by Name?

No, you can only search GST detail by entering GST number. Right now, the option to search GST number by name is not available on our website. But in future it will available for you that you can search GST number by name.

Can I Search GST Number by PAN?

No, you can not search GST number by PAN. You can search GST dealer detail only by GST number. In the future, the option is available for you that you can search GST number by PAN.

Details You Can Find with GST Search Tool?

You can find the following detail by entering valid GST number.

  • Trade Name
  • Legal Name
  • Legal Status
  • GST Registration Date
  • Business Address
  • Business Type
  • Centre Jurisdiction
  • State Jurisdiction

The details provided by this GST tool is authenticate and correct with up to date. As these details fetch with itself Government API.

Helpline Numbers

If you found any detail wrong or fake you can complain on the following numbers.