Get GST Updates on is one place where you can get all the updates with respect to Good and Service tax. Moreover, the website is offers encompassing information on any subject matter which is related to GST.

GST Information Available

A user will get a variety of information on the website. This includes information on applicability to GST rates on various product/ services, terms and condition of applicability of GST, etc.

  • GST Acts
  • CGST Rules 2017
  • GST Notifications
  • GST Rates
  • Circulars/Orderss
  • GST Rate Finder
  • FAQ on GST

How to Check GST Updates on

For the purpose of making the information public, the website has highlighted the section of GST and GST awareness. Here is a 2-step guide to get all information with respect to GST.

Step – 1 Visit

Step – 2 On the menu bar, you can either click on “GST” or “GST Awareness” to get your information.

The “GST” tab includes information with respect to GST and its scope. Classified information such as GST Laws, Rules and Rates, Migration of GST, GST background materials, GST helpline, etc., is mentioned here. As a user, if you wish to learn about GST and its applicability on you then this is the right place for you.

On the other hand, when a user clicks on “GST Awareness” tab, they access a series of information with respect of various GST campaigns running across India. Information such as list of GST workshops, upcoming GST events, GST event statistics, etc., are mentioned in this section. All the latest updated with respect to GST is shown in this section.

Do I need to register on

The website offers free information to all its users. You are not required to register yourself with the website for the purpose of accessing its information.

Support on

There may be a situation where you are unable to understand a given condition or scope under GST. In this case, you are free to place your queries in the comment section and we shall help you. An alternative is to seek help from a toll-free customer support for GST, dial: 1800 103 9271.

So, you can get the complete GST updated information on

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