GST Registration as Tax Deductor at Source – Latest FAQs

1. Who needs to register under GST as a TDS? TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). All Department or establishment of Centre / State Government, Local Authority, Government Agencies & Persons or category of persons notified by Central / State Government Governments, making contractual payments in excess of INR 2.5 Lakhs to suppliers … Read more

Granting of Unique Identity Number Under GST – Latest FAQs

1. What does UIN stand for? UIN stands for Unique Identity Number, granted to UN Bodies and Embassies on the basis of letter issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). UIN can also be granted to any other Notified Persons (as may be notified by the Commissioner) on the basis of request received from … Read more

GST Registration by Non-Resident Taxable Person – Latest FAQs

1. Are there any preconditions before I can apply for Registration as a Non-Resident Taxable Person? A Non-Resident Taxable Person must fulfill following conditions so that he/she can register on the GST Portal: Applicant has authorized signatory in India with valid details Authorized Signatory has valid Permanent Account Number (PAN) Authorized Signatory has a valid … Read more

GST Registration by Input Service Distributor – Latest FAQ

1. Who are Input Service Distributors? Input Service Distributor (ISD) under GST includes an office of the supplier of goods and / or services which receives tax invoices issued by the supplier towards receipt of input services and/ or goods and issues a prescribed document for the purposes of distributing the credit of CGST (SGST … Read more

Applying for Registration as a Composition Taxpayer – 18 Latest FAQ

1. I am on the landing page of the New Registration Application and there are two radio buttons – New Registration and Temporary Reference Number (TRN). Which one do I need to select? Select the New Registration Application to begin applying for GST Registration . If you have already filled Part A of the Registration … Read more

Registration by Casual Taxable Person – Latest FAQs

1. I want to take a Registration as a Casual Taxable Person but I can’t find the option. The option to register is in the New Registration Application for a normal taxpayer. In PART A of the New Registration Application, select Taxpayer (Reference screenshot (highlighted in red)): 2. In PART B of the New Registration … Read more

10 Latest FAQ on GST ITC-03

1. What is Form GST ITC-03? Form GST ITC-03 is to be filled up by those taxpayers who opts for composition scheme or where goods or services or both supplied by taxpayer becomes wholly exempt. This form is to be filed by taxpayers, to pay an amount, by way of debit in the electronic credit … Read more

6 Latest FAQ on GST ITC-02

1. What are the pre-conditions for filing of ITC declaration in FORM GST ITC-02? The following conditions must be met for being eligible to file the FORM GST ITC-02: In case any registered entity undergoes sale, merger, de-merger, amalgamation, lease or transfer, the acquired entity must file ITC declaration for transfer of ITC in the … Read more

6 Latest FAQ on GST ITC-01

1. What is GST ITC-01? Registered person who is entitled to claim credit of input tax under section 18 (1) is required to file a declaration in Form ‘GST ITC-01’. The credit may be availed for inputs held in stock, inputs contained in semi-finished or finished goods held in stock or capital goods as mentioned … Read more

9 Latest FAQ on GST TRAN-3

1. Who needs to file Form GST TRAN – 3? 1. Dealer who have received Credit Transfer Document (CTD) issued by Manufacturer 2. Manufacturer who has issued CTD to dealers 2. Why do I need to file Transition Form GST TRAN – 3? Every registered person who was registered under Central Excise Act’ 1944 and … Read more

12 Latest FAQ on GST TRAN-2 to Clear Your All Confusion!

1. Why do I need to file transition Form GST TRAN – 2? Every registered person who is eligible to take credit in his/her Electronic Credit Ledger of eligible duties and taxes paid under existing laws in respect of inputs, in respect of which he is not in possession of invoice or any other documents … Read more

15 Latest FAQ on GST TRAN-1 to Clear Your Confusion

1. What are Transitional Provisions? As per the transitional provisions of CGST/ SGST/ UTGST Act, registered person can take credit of taxes or duties paid under existing State or Central laws, like Value Added Tax Act, Central Excise Act and Service Tax laws and carry them forward to the GST regime, if the same are … Read more

Complete Guidance to File GSTR-5 – Step by Step with Pictures

How can I file return in Form GSTR-5? To create, submit and file details in the Form GSTR-5, perform following steps: A. Login and Navigate to GSTR-5 page B. Generate GSTR5 Summary C. Enter details in various tiles Original Details Amendment Details D. Preview GSTR-5 E. Acknowledge and Submit GSTR-5 to freeze data F. Payment … Read more

What to Do if Receiving Intimation of ITC Blocked by Tax Official?

1. I have received an email message as well as a SMS stating – “Please visit your Credit Ledger to see the amount of credit blocked for utilization by the jurisdictional tax officer.” What does this message indicate? Your Jurisdictional Tax Officer has blocked some ITC amount available in your Electronic Credit Ledger. Navigate to … Read more

Complete Guide to Filing GSTR-5A – 7 Easy Steps with Pictures

How can I create and file details for the Taxable outward supplies made to consumers in India in the Form GSTR-5A? To create, submit and file details for the outward supplies in the GSTR-5A, perform the following steps: Step 1: Login and Navigate to GSTR-5A page 1. Access the URL. The GST Home page … Read more

25 FAQs on GST (TDS & TCS) Credit Received

1. What is “TDS and TCS Credit Received” tile in Returns Dashboard? “TDS and TCS Credit Received” tile has been provided to all the taxpayer suppliers (normal as well as composition taxpayers), from whom some amount of tax has been deducted or collected at source, by the persons registered as TDS Deductors/ TCS Collector respectively. … Read more

Provisions of GST Applicable From 1st April 2019

Provisions Before 1st April 2019 Provisions After 1st April 2019 Threshold Limit for Registration in case of goods (allover India) except persons engaged in making Supplies in the state of Arunacahal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Puducherry, Sikim, Telengana, Tripura, Uttrakhanad– Rs. 20 lakhs Threshold Limit for Registration in case of goods (allover India) except … Read more

Removing Errors While Utilization of Electronic Cash and ITC Ledger

1. After submitting the GSTR-3B return, I was trying to make payment of the tax and was trying to offset my liability from the Electronic Cash Ledger; however I faced error. On what basis can I utilize the balance in Electronic Cash ledger? The utilization of Cash from Electronic Cash Ledger is done on the … Read more