E-Way Bill Portal Announces Forthcoming Changes in e-Way Bill System

E-WAY BILL SYSTEM – Forthcoming changes in e-Waybill system – (Date: 25-03-2019) 1. Auto calculation of route distance based on PIN code for generation of EWB Now, E-waybill system is being enabled to auto calculate the route distance for movement of goods, based on the Postal PIN codes of source and destination locations. That is, the e-waybill … Read more

Proposed improvements in e-way bill generation From 16-11-2018

National Informatics Centre E-way Bill Project Proposed improvements in e-way bill generation, being released on 16.11.2018 #1 Checking of duplicate generation of e-way bills based on same invoice number The e-way bill system is enabled not to allow the consignor/supplier to generate the duplicate e-way bills based on his one document. Here, the system checks … Read more

E Way Bill Rules Made Easy [Updated Till 12-10-2018]

Rules regarding E-Way Bill have been prescribed under Rule Nos. 138 to 138D of the CGST Rules, 2017. The primary objective of this article is to simplify the forementioned Rules and provide an ease in the implementation of the same. Meaning: E-way Bill is a waybill generated electronically. It is meant for or assigned to … Read more

Latest eWay Bill FAQ on 01-10-2018

Q.1 What should I do if I don’t have ‘Transporter Id’ but want to enter and generate ‘Part-A slip’? This is not possible as per rule 138(3). If the tax payer is not having the details of ‘Transporter Id’ but he still wants to enter and generate the ‘Part-A Slip’, then he has to compulsorily … Read more

6 Major Upcoming Changes in E-Way Bill From 1st October 2018

This document will explain the new enhancements done in the E- Way Bill (EWB) generation form and is being release on 1st  of Oct. 2018. The purpose of this document is to communicate the tax payers and transporters the latest changes with screen shots and make them to understand and prepare them while generating the … Read more

8 Upcoming Changes in E-Way Bill System

After studying the suggestions and feedbacks of the stakeholders of the e-way bill system, it has been decided to add the following changes/improvements in the e-way bill system to help the tax payers in complying with the GST processes and rules. Most of them are validations to the existing fields so as to assist the … Read more

Penalty on Failure to Generate eWay Bill – Be Alert!

e-Way bills have become an integral part of inter-state & intra state transport for people in India. Failing to show e-Way bill at the time of inspection can result into severe consequences. In this article, we would be discussing the consequences which the supplier and the transporter can face in absence of an e-Way bill. … Read more

How to Generate Bulk eWay Bills – Step by Step Procedure

When you need to generate multiple eWay bills at once then you can use the option of bulk eWay bill.  The official eway bill portal provide us to generate bulk eway bill. Businesses that are wide-spread in India, like logistics, are required to maintain e-Way bills in huge volumes. This is where the bulk generation … Read more

How to Generate e-Way Bill Using SMS?

Ever since the launch of e-Way Bill, people across India are consistently facing issues due to lack of internet knowledge. With a view to overcome this issue, the Government of India has allowed users to generate e-Way Bill via SMS. Here is how to generate e-Way bill using SMS. Generate eway bill Via SMS To … Read more

eWay Bill Masters: How to Create Masters – Step by Step with Images

The e-Way bill portal is now serving as a one-stop solution for all inter-state & intra state transport needs. No matter where the goods are being transported, if their value is above ₹50,000 and fall under e-Way bill’s scope then e-Way bill needs to be generated. Additionally, the e-Way bill portal, www.ewaybill.nic.in has given suppliers … Read more

eWay Bill Sub Users – Create, Manage & Freeze

The wide applicability of e-Way bill has developed a transparent approach towards inter-state transport. With this facility people can now generate e-Way bills by themselves. However, for a vast business that has various outlets, e-Way bill can become a challenge. This is where the sub-user facility comes as an easy option to manage things online. … Read more

E-Way Bill Explained in Case of CKD or SKD

In today’s world, the mode of transportation and manufacturing process have become advanced. A manufacturer of a large product, say crane, is also bound by the laws of GST if the supplier is making an inter-state transaction. However, for the purpose of transportation there will be more than one vehicle that will be required. Hence, … Read more

Must Read eWay Bill Requirements if You Are a Manufacturer

As far as manufacturers are concerned, introduction of e-Way bill has eased the work. Most of the manufacturers in India use job work to complete their manufacturing process. Here we shall be discussing how e-Way bill compliance needs to be taken care of by manufacturers. But before this, let’s first understand job work clearly. What … Read more

Invoice Reference Number (IRN) in e-Way bill system

Since the launch of GST, it has become mandatory for people to apply the standard taxes on various transactions. With a view to digitalize the taxation system of India, one the recent addition to the list of services is Invoice Reference Number (IRN). But before we start discussing about IRN, let us take a look … Read more

Very Simple Guide on ‘Bill to’ and ‘Ship to’ in e-Way Bill

Since the implementation of e-Way bill, all modes of inter-state transport of goods have faced uniformity. One of the most complicated case is – Bill to and Ship to. A regular business activity involves two parties, buyer and seller. However, in case of ‘Bill To’ and ‘Ship To’ case, there are more than two parties … Read more

50 Most Asked Questions on eWay Bill – Clear Your Confusion!

Frequently Asked Questions on E Way Bill Q 1). What is an E Way Bill? Ans. E-way bill (FORM GST EWB-01) is an electronic document (available to supplier / recipient / transporter) generated on the common portal evidencing movement of goods of consignment value more than Rs. 50000/-. It has two Components-Part A comprising of … Read more

GST EWB-01 Form – Eway Bill Simplified

e-Way bill has now become a mandatory document for every supplier, transporter and recipient of goods where the value of goods is more than ₹50,000 transport is involved. There is also an exception to this rule, where goods sent for job-work and handicrafts come under e-Way bill even if the value is less than ₹50,000. … Read more

GST EWB-02 Consolidated e-Way Bill Simplified Procedure

Some time it very difficulty for transporter to carry lots of documents. So there is an option on eway bill portal to generate consolidate eway bill (EWB-02) to carry one single eway bill for all shipment in single vehicle. However, one question that continues to bother many suppliers, transporters and recipients is consolidated e-Way bills. … Read more