Startup India Yatra begins in Madhya Pradesh From 16 July 2018

The Startup India Yatra van will travel to 10 cities of Madhya Pradesh, starting from the capital Bhopal, to spread awareness about Startup India and Madhya Pradesh Startup Policy. The vehicle, with experts on board, will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurial talents to pitch an idea and get incubated, scaling it from idea to enterprise.The … Read more

Major Steps Taken for Reducing Tax Litigation

In order to reduce the long pending grievances of taxpayers and to minimize litigation pertaining to tax matters and to facilitate the Ease of Doing Business, Government of India has decided to increase the threshold monetary limits for filing Departmental Appeals at various levels, be it Appellate Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court in … Read more

Modify, Reject and Cancel e-Way Bills Online Under GST – Step by Step

e-Way bills have become mandatory these days for inter-state & intra state transport. In this article, we will be discussing on how to modify, reject and cancel e-Way bills under GST in a very simple and step by step manner. Given the complexities of trade and transport, parties require functions which are not only limited … Read more

eWay Bill in Case of Goods Moved Through Railway

India has one of the largest railway networks in the world. In this article, we shall be discussing how e-Way bill play a role in case of transportation of goods by railways. As if you are sending goods through Railway, they are normally transported by road to the railway station. So at first instance you … Read more

Eway Bill Rules When Goods Sending by Airways

The e-Way bill has become mandatory for every inter-state & intra-state transport of goods. Even though the transport is being made by airways, it is necessary for the supplier to generate the e-Way bill before the goods leave the airport. However, there is a condition that needs to be fulfilled, that is, the value of … Read more

eWay Bill in Case of Goods Moved Through Waterways / Shipyard

Introduction of e-Way bill has come as a one-stop solution for inter-state transport of goods. The scope of e-Way bill applies to all modes of transport – road, air, water and rail. In this article, we will discuss e-Way bill requirement for transportation of goods by waterways. Guidelines for transportation of goods by waterways/shipyard When … Read more

10 Important eWay Bill Requirements When Transportation by Road

e-Way bill has become mandatory for every inter-state & intra- state transport these days where concerned goods are valued above ₹50,000. For this purpose, the supplier of the goods, or the transporter, or the recipient of goods can generate an e-Way bill. But before we proceed with the e-Way bill requirement for transportation of goods … Read more

eWay Bill in Case of Single Invoice for Multiple Conveyance

In today’s trade and transport, there are numerous cases where a single product is required to be consigned in parts. This means that the goods will be divided into parts and it will sent over to the recipient in instalments. In this article, we would be discussing the treatment of such goods under inter-state transport. … Read more

eWay Bill Requirements on FMCG Sector

The FMCG sector is one of the biggest in India. With over ₹500 billion market spread across the nation, this sector was also brought under the GST regime. The FMCG sector includes daily products which are used by a common man, like, soft drinks, fruits, vegetables, soaps, etc. But before we proceed with impact of … Read more

E-Way Bill Rules for Transshipment of Goods (Update While Changing Vehicle)

e-Way bill has become a doorway to handle inter-state flow of goods for the Government. However, transshipment of goods remains one of the core areas where most of the people get confused. IN this article, we would be discussing in detail about transhipment of goods. What is Transshipment? The term ‘transshipment’ refers to a shift … Read more

List of Documents While Moving Goods under GST

You should carry all required documents while moving goods from one place to other under GST regime. The goods can be moved by himself  or by transporter. But you need some required document to carry with you while moving goods from one place to others. In this article, we would be discussing about the documents … Read more

Eway Bill for Supply to or From Special Economic Zone – Explained

The Government of India has always maintained easy tax implications for Special Economic Zone (SEZ). In India, SEZ is a special zone where certain type of businesses enjoy tax benefits and less legal complications. As far as tax is concerned, SEZ are considered like foreign entities. This means whatever supply or input these units take/give … Read more

eWay Bill Movement of Goods by Hired/Own Vehicle or Transport Agency

Since the launch of e-Way bill, every intra-state and inter-state transport of goods valued above ₹50, 000 is required to obtain an e-Way bill. Here we will discussed the rules behind various ways of delivery like Hired Vehicle, Own Vehicle and Transport Agency. We will cover all aspects like generation of eway bill, update eway … Read more

Multi Vehicle Option for eWay Bill – How to Use it?

multi vehcile option for eway bill

The eway bill portal has introduced a new option “Multi Vehicle Option for eWay Bill”. To better understand this option lets take one example. Example: A has generated eway bill for movement of goods to B. A’s location is Ludhiana – Punjab B’s Location is Solan – Himachal Pradesh. Now, A sends his goods to … Read more

How to Generate eWay Bill on Android Mobile?

generate eway bill by android app

You can also generate eway bill by Android App/Android Mobile. You must have android mobile phone. This facility is not available on iPhone. You must register yourself on eway bill portal i.e.  to download android application. We will tell you step by step procedure to generate eway bill through android mobile. There are following … Read more

How to Generate Consolidated E-Way bill?

We are all aware of the fact that e-Way bill has become mandatory for inter-state as well as intra state movement where the value of goods is equal to or more than ₹50, 000. However, the Government of India has given some relief to transporters when multiple goods are being transported from one state to … Read more

How to Generate e-Way bill on eWay Bill Portal? Step by Step Procedure

eway bill generation after login

e-Way bills have become mandatory for intra-state (with-in state) and inter-state (out of state) transport of goods whose value is more than 50,000/-. So you need to generate eway bill on eway bill portal. The procedure to generate eway bill is very easy. Here is the step by step procedure to generate eway bill on … Read more

Recent Updates on GST Portal

Given below are updates on functionalities which were made available on GST Portal recently: (A) Registrations (i) Facility to apply for Revocation of cancellation of Registration has been enabled on GST Portal. This form will enable Tax payers whose registration has been cancelled via Suo-moto Cancellation process, to apply for revocation of cancellation of registration. … Read more

When eWay Bill is Not Required? List of Goods & Cases

As you all know eway bill is required for inter state transactions w.e.f 1st April 2018 with-in state from 1st June 2018. But there are some cases when you don’t need to generate eway bill even the value of the goods above Rs.50,000/- whether the movement of goods within state or inter state. Here we … Read more