Get GST Updates on is one place where you can get all the updates with respect to Good and Service tax. Moreover, the website is offers encompassing information on any subject matter which is related to GST. GST Information Available A user will get a variety of information on the website. This includes information on applicability to … Read more – Sign Up, Login & Forget Password with Images is GST official common portal designed for GST registered dealers to maintain their cash ledger, electronic credit ledger, payment of GST, Filing GST returns, GST notices. So it is very easy for GST registered dealer to check all latest updates on their GSTN online. You don’t need to visit GST offices for various work. … Read more

Expenses under GST | RCM | GST Rates | ITC Available or Not

Here is the list of expenses debited to Trading, Profit & Loss account. You can find here GST rate on expenses, RCM on expenses and input tax credit available or not on expenses. 1.  Salary, Wages & Bonus Paid to Employee Rate of Tax 0% Whether Registered Supplier Will Levy Tax No Reverse Charge if … Read more

Assessment under Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Assessment under GST The term assessment under GST represents the process of determining the tax liability of an assessee. However, for the purpose of determining the assessment under GST, one should first know about the types of assessment. There are 7 different types of assessment- Self-Assessment Provisional Scrutiny Best Judgement Assessment for non-filers Assessment for … Read more

Offences, Penalties, Prosecution under GST

Goods and Service Tax has been one of the greatest reforms in the history of India since its independence in 1947. The tax system has been introduced with a view to bring a single point of taxation. This means that the people of India will not be required to pay tax at different levels. Rather … Read more

Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest under GST

In any tax-administration, there are provisions for search, inspection, arrest and seizure. These are made for protecting the interests of the legitimate tax payers (by evading tax, tax evaders might get unfair advantage over genuine tax payers). It also acts as a restraint for evasion of tax. In order to safeguard the legitimate dues of … Read more

GST Forms: Download All New GST Forms (PDF Format)

Here is the exclusively page to download all GST forms. These GST forms are up to date. You can download these forms in PDF format. If you need these forms in word and excel format then please ask via comment form given below with your email. Here you can find GST audit forms, GST appeal … Read more

TDS under GST – A Complete Guide

As we all know that GST has subsumed various indirect taxes. There were no TDS provisions under Central Excise and Finance Act. But under GST there are some specific provisions regarding TDS. In this article, we are going to discuss the various provisions of TDS under GST. Let’s start with this. TDS under GST Under … Read more

GST on Advance Payment Receipt Complete Detail with Voucher Format

Under GST taxable event is the supply of goods and services but the liability to pay tax depends upon the time of supply. In this article, you will get complete detail about Advance Payment Receipt treatment under GST like how to deduct GST on advance payment, how to pay GST on advance payment receipt, Advance … Read more

Input Tax Credit under GST: Conditions, Time Limit, Claim Procedure

If you are businessman you are very much aware about Input Tax Credit under VAT regime. Here we talk about Input Tax Credit under GST. The concept is almost same in GST regime as under previous tax regime. Input Tax Credit term is very simple. Suppose you purchased raw material for creating some final product. … Read more

Subsidies Parts of Sales Price under GST?

The subsidies which are furnished by the Central and State Government are excluded from the ‘Value of Supply. Whereas all other subsidies which are precisely relevant to the price, are included in the ‘Value of supply’ to charge in the GST. It is also made clear that the price of the subsidy will be calculated … Read more

Calculation of Value of Supply under GST

There are lots of queries related to value of supply under GST like which expenses will be included in the value of supply while making GST invoice? On which value GST will be calculated? You have to calculate tax on value of supply as mentioned under CGST act. If you will not calculate correct value … Read more

TCS Under GST for e-Commerce Sector

TCS is the process of tax collection via EC (Electronic Commerce) operator hen goods or services are supplied by a supplier through a portal. In this case, the supply payment is recovered by ECO (Electronic Commerce Operator). For instance, the Indian market has many operators of e-commerce such as Flipkart, Jabong, and Amazon etc. Products … Read more

Imports Under GST – Complete Detail

India is no doubt among the fastest evolving economy across the globe. It will soon become the global hub for manufacturing. At the same time, Indian economy is also observing expansion across foreign trade (in both exports and imports). As per the newly established GST law, import/export duties such as SAD (Special Additional Duty), CVD … Read more

GST Refund – Procedure to Get GST Refund

Efficiency of any tax administration is directly proportional to timely refund process. It helps in smooth trade process by releasing blocked funds. These in turn help for capital, expansion & modernization of the existing business. Objective of GST funds is to streamline as well as standardize the process for making claims and obtaining refunds. The … Read more

GST Invoice Format Excel, PDF, Word – Updated

As you all know GST is going to implement from 1st July 2017. So every Business man is searching for GST invoice format for printing their bill books or to do setting in computer. So here you will find the exact Invoice format as prescribed by Government. You can download here sample invoice format in … Read more

GST Practitioners – Eligibility, Roles, Activities and Conditions

A GST (Goods and Service Tax) practitioner is an individual who has received approval from a registered person to perform GST practice under Section-48 of the CGST. In layman terms, you are a registered person as you pay taxes and you authorise a licensed GST practitioner to take care of tax and return related activities … Read more

Account Books and Records Required to Maintain under GST

Under the GST (Goods and Service Tax) law, every taxpayer needs to retain certain set of accounts, records or documents in areas of trading, services or manufacturing. We will be discussing here all aspects of such records and books to be kept under GST in this article. Accounts & Records Required under the GST Section … Read more