How to Access GST Saved Challans (Post-Login)

How can I retrieve the saved Challan and edit it? Once a Challan is saved, it is valid for how many days?

Saved Challans are only available post-login to the GST Portal. To retrieve the saved challan, perform the following steps:

1. Access the URL. The GST Home page is displayed.

2. Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.

3. The Dashboard is displayed. Click the Services > Payments > My Saved Challans command.

4. The Saved Challans are displayed in a chronological order (most recently saved challan is shown first in the list).

  • You can view or edit the saved challans within 7 days of the creation date. After 7 days, it will get purged from GST Portal.
  • You can save maximum 10 challans at any point of time.

5. Under Action column, you can click the Edit button to edit the saved challan.

1. Can a Challan be edited or modified before making payment?

Yes, any new or saved Challan can be edited or modified before it is generated (before CPIN is generated).

2. I do not have complete details but have filled the Challan partially. Can I save the Challan for later use?

Yes, you can save partially filled Challan in the post-login mode. After the Challan is saved, you can access the Challan using the path – Services > Payments > My Saved Challans.

3. How many Challans can I save at one time?

You can save a maximum of 10 Challans on the GST Portal at any point in time.

4. What is the validity period for a saved Challan?

The validity period for a saved Challan is 7 days.

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