How to View Submitted Applications or Queries Raised by the Tax Officials

1. Can I view my submitted applications or queries raised by the Tax Officials at the GST Portal?

The View My Submissions functionality provides the taxpayers to view all the applications and responses to the queries submitted by them to the tax authorities at a single location on the GST Portal.

On clicking View My Submissions, you will be able to see all your submitted applications and any responses you have submitted as well. The details will be displayed in descending chronological order as follows:

  • ARN
  • Submission Date
  • Form No./Description
  • View/Download

2. For how long will my previous submission and responses be available on the GST Portal?

Previous submissions and responses will be available in the GST database for a five-tax period.

3. Can I download my submissions and keep them for my personal records?

Yes, you can download all your submissions and keep them for your personal records.

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