Multi Vehicle Option for eWay Bill – How to Use it?

The eway bill portal has introduced a new option “Multi Vehicle Option for eWay Bill”. To better understand this option lets take one example.


  • A has generated eway bill for movement of goods to B.
  • A’s location is Ludhiana – Punjab
  • B’s Location is Solan – Himachal Pradesh.
  • Now, A sends his goods to transporter for the movement of goods to B’s location.
  • Transporter carry goods in one Heavy/big vehicle at the border of Himachal Pradesh. But due to hilly area the big vehicles cannot be used.
  • In such case, the movement of goods will be carried in smaller vehicles.
  • Now, B will choose option ‘Change to Multi-Vehicle’ and update eway bill for multi vehicle movement.
  • Now, when the goods reached at the point where the big vehicle entrance is not possible then Part ‘B’ of the eway bill with the vehicle number, along with the quantity loaded will be updated.
  • The system will not allow the quantity to be shipped in multiple vehicle more than what has been declared while marking the eway bill for multi vehicle.

Steps to Generate eWay bill with Multi Vehicle Option

Step 1: Choose ‘Yes’ where asking ‘Do you wish to move the goods in multiple vehicles?

Step 2: Enter Mode of Transport, From Place, To Place, Total Quantity, Unit, Reason and remarks. All fields are mandatory.

Step 3: Now, when the goods has to be moved, select update Vehicle option and select the group as shown below. The group shown here which you have entered the place from – place to. So you must enter all movements when you first created eway bill as further movement can not be updated later.

multi vehcile option for eway bill updation

Step 4: Now, you should enter the vehicle details.

multiple vehicle detail updation

Please note the ‘Valid Until’ column refer the multi vehicle. So you can use this facility which has recently updated on eway portal.

The print of the eway bill of multi vehicle option look like this.

print of eway bill multi vehicle option

Download Official Guide on Multi Vehicle Option for eWay Bill in PDF Format – Here



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