Amendment in the ANF 3D for E commerce exports under para 3.05 of the FTP 2015-20

(To be published in the gazette of India extraordinary part-1 section)

Government of India
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Department of Commerce
Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Public Notice No. 72/2015-2020
New Delhi, dated: 5th February, 2019

Subject: Amendments in the ANF 3D for E commerce exports under para 3.05  of the FTP 201520

In exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 1.03 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby amends the ANF 3D, issued earlier by this Directorate, vide Public Notice 01/2015-20 dated 01.04.2015.

2. The Amended ANF 3D may be seen as the Annexure to this Public Notice.

Effect of Public Notice: The format for claiming “MEIS benefits under para 3.05 of the FTP 2015-20, ANF 3D has been changed, for all applications under the ANF 3D for exports made since 01.04.2015.

(Alok Vardhan Chaturvedi)
Director General of Foreign Trade
E-mail: [email protected]

(Issued from File No. 01/61/180/16/AM17/PC-3)

ANF – 3D

Application Form for Export of goods through courier or foreign post offices under Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)

Instructions/ Guidelines for the Applicants filing ANF 3D

i. Kindly read Paras 3.03 to 3.06 of FTP para 3.05 as modified vide Notification no.22 dated 26.07.2018 and further modified vide Notification no. 36 dated 27.09.2018 and Para 3.01 to 3. 03 of HBP and other common procedural features applicable to MEIS before filing application

ii. It is mandatory to apply for rewards under para 3.05 of FTP through the online e-Com module at the portal.

iii. Please note that separate applications are required to be filed for separate years (AM15,   AM16 etc.) based on Let Export date.

iv. Please note that separate application is required to be filed for each foreign post office/Airport separately in the E-com module, and no application should have consignments/shipping bills/courier shipping bills/ postal bill of export/airway bills from more than one Airport/ Foreign Post Office

v. For the details in the Serial no. 3 below, Applicant to select/feed the details of one consignments/ shipping bills/ courier shipping bills/postal bill of export/airway bills at a time.  A maximum of 50 such details can be filed in one application.

vi. For the purpose of this application- Shipping bill may be read as Courier Shipping Bill/ Postal Bill of Export/Airway Bill as the need be.

vii. The Applicants are required to submit the Scanned copies of CA Certificate (Enclosure A) and Proof of landing certificate for all exports in the application for exports made before 03.05.2016 (Enclosure B) in the online ANF 3D module at the DG FT portal.

viiii.This application does not require any application fees, as is required for the MEIS application in the form ANF 3A.

ix. For all exports made with effect from the date of Publication of this ANF 3D, the provisions of  para 3.15 (a) (i) of the Handbook of Procedures shall apply. However, for all exports made prior to the date of publication of this ANF  3D, the date of export for the purpose of calculating the late cut as per para 3.15  (a) (i) shall be the date of the publication of this Public Notice.