Punjab VAT efiling Return Problems and its Solutions

As you all know that Punjab VAT department has extended due date again up to 15th March, 2013. But they have not rectified their server and VAT forms for some errors. I am also facing the errors while uploading my VAT returns. But I find some solutions of these errors which I am going to share with you.

Problem No.1 – There is an error in the submission: This is the common error while uploading the PVAT return. I faced it many times while uploading immediately a message shown “There is an error in the submission. Please contact help desk contact no.: +18002582580”. All forms are validated and checked although this problem is showing repeatedly. However, after sometime if you try to upload, it may be uploaded.  If not, then try again after one hour or two hours it will be uploaded. At the same time, It is very time-consuming and frustrating. So the permanent and twinkle solution of this problem is given below.

First check VAT-23, there is a column of the district; you have to fill up again whole columns by selecting the drop-down menu. Some accountants and dealer write here the district in capital letters, or it is done by account’s software.

Actually, this is the mistake by the Punjab VAT e-filing department that form will be validated even if you write wrong city. However, it will show error while uploading the return because not writing correct district and in an incorrect manner.

Incorrect manner: LUDHIANA – this is wrong.
Correct manner: Ludhiana – this is right.

Select appropriate district instead of writing city, TEHSIL or village name from the drop down menu. Again validate VAT-23 and all VAT forms. Same will be applicable to VAT-24, VAT-18 and VAT-19.

Now, You can upload VAT return instantly without any error.

Problem No.2 – Upload return by correct TIN: Many professionals and dealers are facing the error while uploading Punjab VAT return “Upload Return by Correct TIN”. The problem is facing only by those who are changing password within COTIS. Suppose a dealer forget the password which he has already changed when filed VAT-20 (2011-12).

Now he can file VAT return only by clicking the option “forget password”. At the moment, he has to change password. So after changing the password, if someone immediately uploads the return, then this error will show.

Solution: Close Internet explorer and again go to the Punjab VAT e-filing gateway from starting. Now upload the return. It will be uploaded successfully.
Problem No.3 – Server error: This is the common error when there is high traffic load on the server. So, I am giving here a tip to open any website which is crashed or down due to high traffic.

Solution: This is the URL of Punjab VAT Return Uploading portal;
Leave it
Open this one:
Another solution: Download Cleaner software from filehippo.com and install it. Now, clear all cookies and cache. Again try to upload by original URL/link, if not, then try suggested URL/Link. I tried lots of time and never wait for Punjab VAT officials that they will rectify it. I just tried my best to use all the ways to save my time. This is my experience to solve the issues and errors while e-filing of Punjab VAT returns. What is your experience; please share the solutions if you have tried to solve the errors. It will really helpful to save our time.

The article is written by Mr. Pankaj Singla (Advocate), a Ludhiana based tax lawyer doing practice in Income Tax and VAT.

Pankaj Singla (Advocate), Contact (M) 09872414050, Email ID: [email protected]


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