Reactivate PAN if Wrongly Deactivated – Over 11 Lakh PAN Deactivated

Income tax department has started a mission to deactivate the PAN cards of the people, as according to law one person could hold one PAN only. Sometimes one person may hold more than one PAN.

Recent Update on 5-8-2017: Over 11 Lakh PAN Deactivated – Check Your PAN Activated or Not Here

The income tax department has started deactivation of PAN for the people having more than one PAN.

These PANs may be allotted any time in past. As it is illegal to retain more than one PAN on one name and the more PANs didn’t get deactivated by the income tax department then assesse himself should get it cancelled. But deactivation of PAN is to be done very carefully. If the assesse is having more than one PAN, assesse must be using his one of the PAN for e-filing the income tax returns.

Sometimes the PAN which is deactivated is the one on which the assesses are filing their income tax return.

In this case, it creates difficulties for assesse if the PAN is deactivated by income tax department as the e-filing login of assesse also gets blocked

PAN holder is also not able to do anything on the Income tax e-filing portal such as filing of Income tax return, view 26AS, view intimations and respond electronically to various communications by the income tax department.

What to do if your PAN gets deactivated and wanted to get it reactivated?

In a situation, your PAN gets deactivated, then you have to do the following things:

  • Firstly, you have to write a letter to your jurisdiction AO in the income tax department for requesting of reactivation of your PAN.
  • Secondly don’t forgot to attach the documents proving that the PAN which is blocked was used by you for filing tax return. Following documents can be used for this purpose:
  • Indemnity Bond in favor of Income tax department
  • Copy of PAN on which the PAN holder is regularly filing the Income tax return.
  • Copy of Income tax returns filed by you in last 3 years on the PAN blocked.

It generally takes 10-15 days for the income tax department to process your request and get your PAN get reactivated after the submission the letter to income tax department.

Format of Indemnity Bond for reactivation of PAN

I, _____________________, R/o____________________, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

  • My PAN is:
  • I am regularly assessed in your ward/jurisdiction with PAN: ___________________.
  • I have only one PAN as stated above. It is used be me for many years for filing income tax returns. Also, find enclosed filed income tax returns of last 3 years.
  • I do not have any other PAN with me, if any allotted in records of income tax department, kindly deactivate the same.
  • I undertake to indemnify the income Tax Department for any loss that may be caused in the future.
  • Kindly activate my PAN: ___________________.

That the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



Verified at <place> on this ________________ day of <month>, 2017, that the contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. No part of it is false and nothing material has been concealed therefrom.


How to respond to an intimation received online regarding cash deposit during demonetization?

In case, you have received an intimation or mail from income tax department regarding cash deposit during or after demonetization but your PAN is blocked/ deactivated then you need to perform the aforesaid steps i.e. approach jurisdictional AO for activation of your PAN as soon as possible. However as said above it takes time for reactivation of PAN by department, therefore you should respond to the intimation manually by filing a letter to the jurisdictional AO.

But filing a manual response is not enough, you have to file the online response to the intimation as your PAN gets reactivated to avoid any chance of getting in trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When I need to get cancel PAN?

In case, you have two PAN, check both the PAN if it is same you need not to get cancel any PAN but if the PAN on both cards is different you have to get cancel one of your PAN.

  1. Which PAN is to be get cancelled?

The PAN which assesse does not use should be get cancelled

  1. How to surrender PAN if holding more than 1 PAN?

There are three ways to get cancelled your extra PAN:

  • Online Application on NSDL and UTI

If you want to apply online on NSDL go on and click on change or correction in the existing PAN as application type as shown below.

pan reactivateIf you want to apply online to UTI, go on , click on for change/correction in PAN as shown below.

pan activate and reactivationThere is also option for cancellation on ,if you google but the link shown on this site does not exist i.e Form 49A for change or correction in PAN data

You can also submit Form 49A for change/ correction in Pan to nearest UTI PAN centres or NSDL TIN Facilitation centers. You have to fill the appropriate section of the form i.e. section 11. Fill the information of additional PAN which you want to get cancelled. But don’t forget to tick the box of the section. You can download the form on this link.

  • Manually submitting the application for PAN to jurisdictional AO

You have to write a letter to jurisdictional AO containing your Name, contact details, Details of PAN to be retained, details of duplicate PAN. Don’t forget to keep the acknowledgement copy of the letter stating that you are surrendering duplicate Pan which will act as a proof of surrender.

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  1. My name was Sayed lutful kabir ali,
    DOB-7th November 1985, I am lost my pan card and also lost second copy of pan card and pan number.
    So help me for how I get to return my pan card.

  2. Sir, actually my father pan card was deactivated because of having two pan card the issue is he having only one pan card, we wrote a letter to income tax office they are saying this was happening because of similar name…. with other person..after that they send another letter the pan is not lied our end what is the next solution for this.

    Thank you

  3. Sir my pan card has lost, so I try to make new one after six years I got it from department to full fill so many formalities. Now one month ago I got it. So what I will do for my it return . I could not submit my it return in 31 March 2018 for year 2016_17&2017-18.Am I defaulter?

  4. My name is BIMALENDU MANDAL. My Pan Card is deactivated and for which e-filing of IT return is not accepted. I want to active my Pan Card.


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