eWay Bill Sub Users – Create, Manage & Freeze

The wide applicability of e-Way bill has developed a transparent approach towards inter-state transport. With this facility people can now generate e-Way bills by themselves. However, for a vast business that has various outlets, e-Way bill can become a challenge. This is where the sub-user facility comes as an easy option to manage things online. In this article we would be focusing on how to create, manage and freeze sub-users on e-Way bill portal.

What is a sub-user?

Before we begin with the process, it is important to understand who sub-user is. This can be clearly understood with the help of an example.

Suppose Kohli Suppliers is a big business carrying its operations in all over India. Now if a supply has to be made from its Delhi office, then the owner of the Kohli Suppliers needs to generate an e-Way bill. Similarly, if another supply is to be made from Mumbai office, then again Kohli suppliers has to generate an e-Way bill from its Delhi office.

In order to tackle this situation, sub-user facility has been created.

The owner of Kohli Suppliers can create sub-users who can login to the e-Way bill portal and generate their respective e-Way bills by self. This function also allows the owner to determine level of access granted to each sub-user.

NOTE: A sub-user’s login ID is same as owner’s but is extended by a suffix.

Creating sub-users – Process explained

The process of creating sub-users under e-Way bill portal is very simple. Just follow the given steps:

  • Go to ‘User Management’ section and select ‘Create Sub-User’ from dropdown

  • You will receive an OTP on your registered email and mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Validate’
  • Now you will be directed to a ‘User Creation’ page. Enter the ‘Suffix Login ID’ as desired. Also check whether the required suffix is available or not. For example, if Kohli Suppliers wants to add Rohit as its sub-user then Rohit would use ‘Kohli_rohit’ has his User Id.

sub user details on ewayportal

  • Enter complete details of the sub-user, including full name of the sub-user, designation of the sub-user, mobile number of the sub-user and email ID of the sub-user.
  • After entering complete details of the sub-user, select his place of business or the branch to which he belongs.
  • Select the facilities that you want to offer to the sub-user via ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ option.
  • Click on ’Submit’ to add the sub-user.

Manage sub-users

Sub-users can be managed going to the ‘User Management’ section and selecting ‘Manage sub-user’ from the dropdown menu. It allows the owner to revise the given permission to a sub-user.

Freezing sub-users – Process explained

In order to freeze a sub-user, the owner needs to follow the given steps:

  • Login to the e-Way bill portal
  • Go to ‘User Management’ and select ‘Freeze Sub-User’ from the dropdown box
  • Select the ‘sub-user’ whose account needs to be freezed.
  • Upon selecting a sub-user, a new page will open where details of the selected sub-user is mentioned. Click on ‘Freeze’ option at the bottom to confirm.

feeze sub users

Update Sub-User on eWay Portal

The procedure to update sub-user detail is same as in creating sub-user. You should first go to under User-Management tab the click on to sub-user option.

Change Password

Once you click on the sub option change password under user management tab. The following screen will appear.

sub user change password

Please remember always don’t share your password with others and change your password regularly.

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