GST Set Off Calculator – Know GST Liability or Input Credit w.e.f. 1-2-2019

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Here is the latest GST Set off Calculator based on the changed rules w.e.f. 1-2-2019. You can check the complete detail about GST set off changed rules here. Here you will find your GST Liability or GST Input carry forward with in seconds.

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21 thoughts on “GST Set Off Calculator – Know GST Liability or Input Credit w.e.f. 1-2-2019”

  1. Hi

    Please can you send me GST input/liability calculator in excel format

    please share to shashikantinc @


  2. Sir,

    Please can you in GST Tax Payment calculator in excel format.

    Please share to my email id : shashikantinc @


  3. As far as I understand, as per Section 49 (as amended) and Section 49A, the IGST Input is required to be exhausted first and if some amount of IGST is still payable, it is to be paid from CGST and then from SGST. But that is to be done only from the CGST/SGST input left, if any, after setting off the CGST/SGST payable and if there is no CGST/SGST input left, then IGST is to be paid in cash. The above set-off rules, therefore, does not appear to be correct.
    Kindly see that the words “in that order” have not been used in Section 49A but have been used in Section 49 only.

  4. Kindly check –

    While Section 49 and 49A speaks of setting off ITC of IGST first before utilization of ITC of CGST and SGST and first utilization of CGST & SGST for payment of CGST& SGST respectively, your calculator utilizes the ITC of CGST & SGST for payment of IGST even before setting off CGST & SGST liability with CGST & SGST ITC,

    which does not appear to be correct.

    • Hello Sir, Please send your tax amounts. We will check it. We have cross verified all and put all examples in the calculator. Everything is correct as per section 49A and 49B. Have you checked new section 49A and 49B w.e.f. 1-2-2019. Please send your figures, we will check instantly. Thanks

      • The details of figures are as under:-

        Output Liability – IGST – Rs.3234294, CGST – Rs.3030863, SGST – Rs.3030863
        ITC available – IGST – Rs.567275, CGST – Rs.3040394, SGST – Rs.10963554

        Kindly check.

        • Hello Ravi Ji, We have checked the GST set off liability and input tax credit calculator as per your figures. It calculates set off and input correctly SGST Input available = 7932691
          CGST Payable = 2657488

          We calculate as per the following rules applicable from 1-2-2019.

          Old GST Set off Rule

          Tax Credit to be Set OffOrder to utilisation
          IGST OutputIGST Input -> CGST Input -> SGST Input
          CGST OutputCGST Input -> IGST Input
          SGST OutputSGST Input -> IGST Input

          New GST Set Off Rules w.e.f. 1st Feb 2019

          Tax Credit to be Set OffOrder to utilisation
          IGST OutputIGST Input -> CGST Input -> SGST Input
          CGST OutputIGST Input -> CGST Input (Changed w.e.f. 1-2-2019)
          SGST OutputIGST Input -> SGST Input (Changed w.e.f. 1-2-2019)

          Please tell if there is anything you want to explain or where we are wrong. We will check again. Thanks

    • Hello Kamlesh, This GST calculator is available only online. You can bookmark this page and use any time you need. The calculator is not available in excel format right now. Thanks

    • Sorry right now GST set off calculator is not available in excel. This calculator is only available online. You can use GST liability calculator any time on this website. Please bookmark this page and open any time. Thanks

  5. Is this new rule applicable for GST Liability for the month of January 2019 which is actually payable in February 2019.

    • Hello, These rules will be applicable from 1st Feb 2019 which means you have to calculate GST for the month of Feb 2019. In simple words you have to calculate GST as per new rules for the return period from 1-2-2019 onwards.

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